Newest Snell Golf Balls [2024 Release]

Newest Snell Golf Balls

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Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

  • 7% lower compression
  • Low lift and drag to prevent ballooning.
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Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

  • Thin and soft Surlyn cover which gives the ball a soft feel.
  • Fast ball speed and exceptional control
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Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

  • Great performance in the wind due to low lift and low drag
  • Snell’s CAST urethane cover
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Snell 50 Mix Golf Balls

newest snell golf balls

  • Performance as good as new
  • Package contains a variety of balls.
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The Snell Golf Balls are a must have for all avid golfers. Whether you are an amateur or pro, these balls will put a smile on your face as they provide reliable distance and consistency.

Below, we’ve reviewed the 4 best and newest Snell golf balls available in the market. So, go ahead and check the out.

 Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

MTB Black provides excellent quality and good performance. It differs slightly from the MTB X in a few small ways. prior to the MTB X, the MTB Black was introduced, and it was a part of the same launch as the MTB Red.

A three-piece ball, it has a softer feel than the MTB X and low spin. The Titleist Pro v1 and this ball are equivalent. Even though it costs roughly 40% less, testing has revealed that it performs similarly to the Titleist Pro V1.

Snell originally divided their My Tour Balls into two categories: MTB Red and MTB Black. Everyone who tried it raved about it, therefore the MTB Black is still offered by the business.

Customers who have used the MTB black have recommended it. Its excellent performance and low spin are adored by golfers.

The rapid core and low spin of the MTB black ball enable it to go great distances. For golfers wanting for a bit more speed, it travels farther than the original MTB versions. Comparing the MTB Black to the original My Tour Balls, the MTB Black offers less spin and greater distance with long irons.

Low lift and low drag characteristics of the MTB Black allow for controllable flying and performance. It keeps the ball from inflating and enables you to continue playing on windy days.

This ball feels a little softer because of its mantle layer. With short irons during play, this makes the ball feel softer. In comparison to other MTB models, the MTB Black also seems softer with long irons.

Amateur golfers will find it simple to handle due to the gentle feel. Yet, because it results in a slight reduction in distance, some players might not appreciate this feature. Softballs travel farther than firm balls, however with the MTB Black, this difference is hardly perceptible.

Since the day it was introduced, golfers have adored the MTB Black line. The ball distinguishes itself from its competitors because to its softer feel with both long and short irons. These balls are excellent for long, straight shots and windy conditions due to their reduced driver spin.

High handicap players should use this ball. Players have been captivated by its plush feel and lengthy reach, which has kept them coming back for more.

Pros Cons
Providing a low spin and covering more distance less distance

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Snell Get Sum Ball was created with players who haven’t quite realized their full potential in mind. Investing in premium balls for these players would be counterproductive because they would be unable to provide their maximum effort.

The Get Sum golf ball from Snell is a two-piece ball. This ball is perfect for novices since it provides good feel and control. Snell Get Sum offers good performance at a reasonable cost.

This enables you to keep playing the same ball, which is advised when working your way up to your desired scores.

If you’re especially cost-conscious, Snell Get Sum balls are a terrific choice. These are the preferred ball for beginning golfers since they are relatively simple to control.

It is against the grain for Snell to let down its clients. One of Snell’s first balls, Snell Get Sum, was and still is a fan favorite. With this ball, the golfer has greater control over their shots and higher performance.

The huge, soft, low-compression core of the Snell Get Sum golf ball allows it to have a low spin and travel great distances.

Instead of the cast urethane cover found on My Tour Balls, the outer covering of this ball is a thin, soft Surlyn. The ball can feel softer as a result. Players can simply get the ball in the air thanks to the core and cover combo. The ball becomes softer thanks to this Surlyn cover, which make it easy to control.

The ball has a modest rate of spin. Due of the ball’s straight trajectory and low spin, you can aim and land the ball accurately. While some players like a higher spin for short-range shots and dislike this characteristic, others believe the Snell Get Sum better fits their swing.

Any swing speed may achieve excellent speeds and distance with this Snell Get Sum golf ball. Some players might not find this ball as ideal for short strokes as the three-piece My Tour Balls because it is a two-piece ball. Yet, it imparts a smooth feeling and gives you outstanding ball control. You can effortlessly hoist the ball in the air thanks to the broad core and cover.

If you like soft, low spin golf balls, the Snell Get Sum is the ball for you. The best thing about these is that they provide excellent discounts, allowing you to train without restriction to improve your aim. Try out Snell’s Get Sum ball if you are a beginner golfer; you will be doing yourself a favor.

Pros Cons
Large and soft low-compression core which gives low spin and long distances. Covers slightly less distance than the MTB X and MTB black.
Fast ball speed and exceptional control

Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

Newest Snell MTB-X Golf Balls

Snell introduced the MTB Red ball the year before the MTB X ball. Compared to the MTB Black, the MTB Red had a substantially higher spin. Some golfers have complained that it doesn’t play as well because of the higher spin.

Snell improved its model in response to user input before releasing the MTB X.

A three-piece ball, the MTB X has a high spin, though not as high as its predecessor. It is equivalent to premium brand balls like the Pro V1x from Titleist, Chrome Soft X from Callaway, and TP5x from TaylorMade.

Golfers adore the MTB X ball for its outstanding performance. Even those who have just used this ball once quickly come to regard it as a necessary piece of their golfing kit.

The smaller core of the MTB X balls provides less driver spin. The ball can now travel farther and faster thanks to this. While using long irons for great distances, the ball spins less, yet when using short irons, the ball spins a lot as needed.

You can play with this ball even on windy days. Its low lift and low drag characteristics make it possible to regulate the ball’s trajectory and prevent ballooning, making it less frustrating to play in light winds.

The MTB X has demonstrated in testing that it performs extremely similarly to the Titleist Pro V1x. Although being roughly half as expensive, the ball itself demonstrates no discernible change in quality. In some cases, a higher price equates to a higher standard of quality, but not in this instance.

This ball has a thick and sturdy mantle layer. As a result, the ball has a firmer feel while playing than the MTB Black. Many golfers dislike this golf ball’s strong feel since it makes it slightly harder for beginners to control than softer balls while also giving it additional distance.

You will have a better golfing experience with this ball. These balls are popular with buyers because of how well they travel. Gamers attest that the MTB X glides easily and covers longer distances. Customers adore and highly recommend this ball due to its comfy feel on the field.

Snell delivered on its promise to lessen the spin of the MTB Red with the MTB X. With long irons, the ball spins at a low pace, whereas with short irons, it spins at a higher rate.

Pros Cons
Great performance in the wind due to low lift and low drag Might be a little difficult for beginners to control.
Excellent control and durability

Snell 50 Mix Golf Balls

newest snell golf balls

Golf balls made from recycled materials frequently have very appealing prices. Snell’s Recycled Golf Balls are the same way. They might have taken a few hits and might retain the original owners’ markings, but other than that, they’re in like-new condition.

Because they are almost brand new yet much less expensive, recycled golf balls are frequently seen as an outstanding value.

MTB Black, MTB X, and Get Sum balls are distributed in a good amount in the package. The MTB Balls are favored by an equal or greater percentage in the majority of packages. You can experience all three types of balls by making this purchase.

The balls show very little wear and tear, and the majority of them are practically brand new after being struck only a few times. Nonetheless, some balls could carry player logos or marks, which many golfers find objectionable.

For new golfers who are unsure of what kind of ball would be best for them, this is a fantastic choice. Snell Get Sum Balls and MTB Balls are both included in this set, allowing you to try them all out. Without having to buy new balls, you may purchase this set and enjoy the full sensation of playing with authentic Snell balls. Excellent value for much less!

Pros Cons
Great opportunity to locate your comfort level with the three kinds of balls Some signs of wear and player logos may be present.
Package contains a variety of balls.

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in Snell Golf Balls Before Buying

If you don’t know what characteristics to look for, picking the best golf ball for yourself could be challenging. Because of this, it’s critical to understand how various characteristics impact the golf ball’s performance. See what qualities the ideal golf ball for your skill level and preferences should have by reading on.

Soft Balls with Low Compression

Golfers with a high handicap should use low compression balls since they are softer. Golfers with high handicaps are those who are still developing their abilities. Soft balls help beginners and players with higher handicaps develop better control and more distance. Softballs accommodate their slow swing rates to provide better performance.

Firm Balls with High Compression

Professionals or players with low handicaps may choose balls having a firmer feel. They let you keep control while swinging quickly enough to cover good distances. High handicap players may find it a little challenging to handle firm balls, and they may not travel as far with slow swing rates.

Low Spin

Lower spin balls fly straight into the air. They don’t travel as far as a ball with strong spin, but they fly straighter and roll more when they touch the ground.

Minimal Spin

Golf balls with a mid-spin combine the greatest features of low spin and high spin balls. Because of their diverse feel and reliable distance, they are attractive to the broadest variety of players. Most mid-spin golf balls are designed to improve performance across the broadest spectrum of players. The mid-spin golf ball can be the ideal option for you if you find the low and high spin golf balls unpleasant.

High Spin

Golf balls with high spin have better feel on and near greens. Players’ control can be improved because to this. Yet, it does not have the same fairway roll as a mid- and low-spin ball.

Yellow Optic Balls

On cloudy or lightly hazy days, it is harder to see a white ball. Optic yellow balls can be a tremendous help on these days because you can see them so much easier.

Why Buy the Snell Golf Ball?

Although only being in business for a short while, Snell Golf has already established itself as a well-known ball manufacturer. There is little reason to doubt that Dean Snell, the founder of the new business, would produce top-notch tour balls given that he contributed to some of the most popular golf balls of the previous 20 years.

Snell has indeed made some outstanding balls that have become well-known. It’s fantastic for any amateur golfer looking for a top-notch tour ball that won’t break the bank because their company’s mission is to manufacture Tour-caliber balls at an accessible price.

They bypass middlemen markups and maintain reasonable costs by bringing their balls from their own manufacturing facilities directly to you. Golfers are prioritized by Snell, so you know they offer fantastic items that will keep you as a customer.


Snell is a brand-new golf firm, but their leader has a track record of incredible success. Each of their golf balls performs superbly, and they have a ball that might be appealing to golfers of any skill level. These balls also have the advantage of being quite affordable in comparison to other high-performance balls on the market. If you want to get better at golf, consider starting off with Snell golf balls.

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