Nigerian Iyene Essien Set to take the golf world by storm


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A relentless “smack” rings out at the driving reach simply outside Nigeria’s capital Abuja. A young lady clad in pink shoes, pink skirt and pink vest employs a club with a force that misrepresents her slight casing, scowling at poor shots and grinning joyfully at others.

Iyene Essien’s gold awards as of now dwarf her 13 years old, and she has contended on three landmasses. She is the top junior player in Nigeria and now needs to convey her nation’s first gold decoration for golf at the 2022 Summer Youth Olympics.

“In this game, you contend with yourself and not different players, which is exceptionally energizing,” she told Reuters, adding that anything that turns out badly “is as yet your slip-up, you are the one playing so you can’t accuse your caddy or anybody of the mix-up you made.”

Her movement started when she saw a youthful white kid playing at the IBB International Golf and Country Club in Abuja. Her dad saw her energy and immediately organized to get her on the course.

“He inquired as to whether I needed to play and I said truly, so he got me clubs and got me golf proficient to prepare me,” she said — a similar man who was preparing the white kid.

Her first decoration came rapidly, at five years old. She currently has 17 decorations and has spoken to Nigeria multiple times at competitions in Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Ready and gifted, Essien was the main young person among 177 golf players at the 2019 Nigeria Ladies Golf Open Championship. She took the tenth spot, bashfully high-fiving different contenders as the group cheered.

Her dad, the advisor business analyst Eyo Essien, says she is just beginning.

“Despite everything, she has some space for development and I think as I said by the age of 15 she will be ready, you know, to surprise the golf world,” he said.

Be that as it may, Essien said she is focused on adjusting school and golf and expects to consider artificial intelligence and mechanical technology at college.

“In the next 10 years with a degree in my grasp, I will play like an expert golf player,” she said.

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