P3 Pro Swing Simulator Review

P3 Pro Swing Golf Simulator

Last Updated on June 26, 2021 by Daniel

Par2Pro just got the new grass top in and have given it one hell of a test this previous weekend – so coming up next is an unprejudiced audit of the new surface from the leader of Par2Pro dependent on himself, a teacher, and a normal golfers perspective.


P3 Pro Swing Golf Simulator

This is an incredible new choice for the P3Pro it would best be appropriate for business applications, golf players who need to rehearse iron shots more, or individuals with wrist/joint issues as it’s anything but somewhat more forgiving.

P3ProSwing has created and tried the top in the course of recent years after 30,000 effect swings they say it actually looks like new. With our testing, we would need to concur with their assertion.


  • Has somewhat more give than the elastic surface
  • The grass is inflexible fibers that endure the hardest shots
  • Long-Life has a decent equilibrium of giving and strength with the goal that it won’t wear out
  • No grease required
  • The club tape stays on alright
  • The base unit is flush with the mat
  • The fibers don’t piece nor do the tape, so no additional worries over grimy sensors
  • Has somewhat more of a genuine vibe than the elastic surface


  • The sensor cushion bobbed out a little as individuals were sincerely attempting to hit down into it
    when we hit ordinary it was fine
  • The fibers stick out around 1/2″ higher than the mat (which is, even more, an inclination thing)
  • The base unit is plastic which we would have favored they keep the elastic surface
  • Fortunately, you can scarcely hit the base through the fibers, perhaps following quite a long while this may turn into an issue however it would need to be utilized and manhandled a lot.
  • The underlying expense is high contrasted with others despite the fact that it will last around multiple times longer and save you a great deal over the long haul


Our educator offered an extraordinary remark that sort of aggregates it all up: “I would not typically hit 200 sequential balls with my iron, as my wrists would begin to get sore. After 200 balls with this new top, I was simply more drained than sore.” So 3 out of 3 unique analyzers concur that this is an extraordinary new surface. Every one of the three of us needs one for our own framework. I trust that this assists you with an excursion with the grass top or no grass top choice.