Pelz Golf Putting Tutor Review

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To check alignment and fix issues with their putting strokes, golfers can use a variety of putting devices. We reviewed a few of them on our golf blog. Our review today is on the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor, an excellent tool for improving your putting alignment. With the Pelz putting tutor, you can improve your green reading, square your putter face, verify eye position, and put like a professional.

It’s a simple design that you can easily transport in your bag, so you can practice putting skills daily at home or at the golf course for 10-15 minutes.

How Can Pelz Help Your Putting Skills?

Pelz golf putt toutor

Many golf professionals, including Phil Mickelson, use and endorse the Pelz Putting Tutor. This alignment tool is intended to help you ensure you are square to the ball during your putting stroke and throughout your swing.

The result will be more balls landing in the cup as your putts start on line better. It will improve your golf scores if you are able to make more one-putts, and you can begin by setting up properly during your round.

  • Check Your Putt Stroke
  • Get better at reading greens
  • Ensure good eye position while addressing
  • Square the Putter at Address
  • Gate Drill – Marble Positions 

Check Your Putt Stroke

Putting tutors have marbles at their edges that indicate whether you are on an “online putt” or not after making a “pure strike”. You started off-line if your putt dislodges a marble.

Get better at reading greens

You will get feedback on your green reading skills and help you aim putts at the line you intend with the Pelz Putting Tutor’s red line down the center. Using a putting tutor, adjust the aim higher or lower until well-struck putts go in the hole to discover how much putts break.

Ensure good eye position while addressing

You may check consistent eye alignment at the address by examining the eye position stripes on the tutor. As you probably already know, good putting fundamentals are based on consistent eye position.

Square the Putter at Address

Using your putter face square at the address is easier with the tutor’s flat back edge.  As a result of this feedback, you will be able to realize how much a putt breaks if you hit it well. Identifying if a putt started online or offline will help you determine if it was misjudged or if it was merely a mishit with the correct green read.

Gate Drill – Marble Positions 

Three different “Gate” positions are available (standard, pro, and super pro) so you can practice putting online from the beginning. You can get information on your ball’s trajectory by having the ball bump into these marbles when the putter’s face is not square at impact. Keeping your putts dead straight is a challenge when the super proposition tightens your margin of error!

Features of the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

  •  Easily portable
  •  Travel-friendly
  •  Plastic base
  •  Standard holding case included
Pros Cons
Easy to set up  For players with more experience, it may not offer as much value

Why Buy the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

  • Created to identify putts struck squarely, and to start rolling online as soon as you do
  • Using the putting tutor, adjust the aim to the target until well-struck putts go in the hole until you understand the number of break putts incurred
  • Become more proficient at green reading
  • All skill levels are welcomed, whether you are a beginner, pro, or even a kid.
  • A quick and easy way to set up and use

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