The new Adidas Codechaos is one of the most stunning sneaker releases of 2020. In keeping with its name, the shoe was intentionally designed to be different than anything else on the market. It truly reset the standard for how a golf shoe should look. Yet we wanted to see if there is any substance behind the unconventional style…

Despite the overwhelming visuals, Adidas actually came up with a clever design. Featuring a lightweight, flexible, and breathable mesh upper, this sneaker is lightweight, flexible, and breathable. In addition to its waterproof properties, it has a thin film on top that is highly durable and repels water, making it easy to clean and won’t stain.

You’ll feel a surge of energy as you step on the full-length Boost cushioning across the entire midsole. Furthermore, three key areas of the outsole have rubber wrapping over them to limit the boost’s expansion for added support.Adidas CodeChaos Shoes Review

During swing studies, heat maps were analyzed in terms of how golfers distribute their weight and shift it throughout the swing. The outsoles were designed around that analysis. For maximum grip, the blue insert features varying heights and angles of the lugs, which provide maximum grip. Codechaos is spike-free and capable of going from course to course.

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes Review: Design

Adidas CodeChaos Shoes Review

Golfers will appreciate the soft, spongy feel of Codechaos underfoot. The fit and feel of this shoe are very trainer-like. It is both light and mobile, but also stable where needed. Our only complaint is that the outsole is a little thin. Despite the wet ground, it provided stable footing from a variety of lies.

Although the Boost sections and material strip at the back are more difficult to keep clean, dirt is easily removed from the upper.

In addition to the traditional Hi-Top Boa style, Codechaos has a lighter sports style and a hydrophobic stretch knit collar. When you’re looking for a somewhat more traditional look, you’ll find safer color options available.

Pros Cons
A lot of performance for the price. Some sections are more difficult to clean than others.
Exceptional comfort and excellent grip on different surfaces.

Final judgment

Though the styling is divisive, we have grown to like it and we’ve enjoyed the shoe’s performance. If you want something a bit different, you can try this sporty, athletic golf shoe that offers exceptional comfort and grip. It is a great value for money choice.

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