Volvik S4

Volvik S4 Golf Ball Review.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a review of a Volvik golf ball, but that changes today. The Volvik S4 is a new ball in Volvik’s S4 line. This is the same ball that we reviewed a while ago, but with some tweaks in the cover, core, and dimple designs.

Volvik S4 is Volvik’s newest distance control ball. It is their second “S” ball and is designed to provide a higher spin and more distance. This ball is made of two covers, one of which is a softcover and the other a firmer cover. The core is made of a tough blend of rubber and styrene. Also, the dimples are made of a more open design that allows air to pass through the dimple and out through the back of the ball, creating lift.

Volvik S4 Ball: Design

Volvik is best known for its V1 laser rangefinder and colored golf balls, both of which are especially popular among ladies.

S4 is one of the models we included in our best golf balls guide, offering maximum distance for driver swing speeds of 95-120mph with a low spin off the tee and high control around the green.

Volvik S4 Golf Balls: Features

Volvik S4

Designed with a mixed bismuth rubber core, the S4 balls feature a patented construction. This rare heavy metal is used to make the outer portion of the core more resilient and to transfer energy better.  It also adds density to the core formulation, pushing mass outward to increase the ball’s moment of inertia.

With more mass towards the cover, a ball will maintain its level of spin, no matter whether it is a low spin-off driver or a high spin-off wedge. As a result, the company describes better “lift generation” for longer carry distances and better control on approach shots.

As the name implies, the Tour S4 features a multilayer construction (core-x2, mantle, and cover). In opposition to most tour-level balls, Volvik’s dual-core ball has a solid inner core and a soft outer core. By transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer, the solid inner core optimizes distance, rather than transferring the inertia from the soft inner core to the solid outer layer.

Compearing the S3 and S4 Volvik Golf Balls

S3 and s4 golf ball

Tour S3 is designed for swing speeds between 95 and 110 miles per hour and is slightly lower in compression (85) than Tour S3. It is geared towards swing speeds above 105 mph and has a higher launch/low spin profile than the Tour S4 (90 compressions).

The balls feature the company’s VU-X urethane cover, which debuted on last year’s Vivid Soft line.

The Tour S4 is available in either white or green, while the Tour S3 is available in either white or orange.

Pros and Cons

Excellent all-around performance, especially with the wedges, while some will appreciate the almost “pearl” finish. Unique visuals won’t appeal to everyone

Final Thoughts

This ball surprised us. With the irons, it was precise and offered superb control around the greens. Due to its lack of tour presence and the Bubba Watson debacle, fewer good players are trying it, but we believe they will be successful if they employ it on the course.

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