If you’re looking for the best golf tech, this is the right place for you. All golf tech on this list has been carefully researched, reviewed and certified as the best golf tech available for grabs. So, like a pro golfer or an aspiring golfer, you need one of these golf techs to help improve your game.

Buyers Guide: What to Look for When Buying the Best Golf Tech

Portability – If you’re schlepping 18 holes around a fairway, you’ll need any extra golf tech to be as versatile as could be allowed. That implies lightweight tech that likewise doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your golf bag.

Durability – Sometimes, you’ll get trapped in a storm or your bag will get destroyed. Ensure your golf gear can keep up by purchasing solid models. Numerous smartwatches, for instance, can follow your game yet are waterproof also.

Price – Golf can be an expensive game. Notwithstanding costly clubs, there are greens charges and golf garments. Obviously, there are premium models of about each item of golf tech out there, yet numerous highlights you won’t find important. Depending on your financial limit, you can discover sensibly valued GPS trackers and rangefinders that give you dynamic distance readings and course maps. Choose which highlights are essential to your individual game.

Best Golf Tech Quick List

Name Features Where to Buy
Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Best Golf Tech

Accurately measures distance in yards and meters. Get it on Amazon
Bushnell Hybrid Bundl

Best Golf Tech

The best GPS/Rangefinder Hybrid Get it on Amazon
Tile Mate

Best Golf Tech

Easy to install, tracks anything. Get it on Amazon
Garmin Approach S60

Best Golf Tech

Best Golf Watch, in-built GPS Get it on Amazon
Garmin Approach S20

In-built GPS, Waterproof Get it on Amazon
Game Golf Live Tracking System

Improves gameplay, easy to use Get it on Amazon
Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

Best Golf Tech

Good battery life, improves performance Get it on Amazon
SelifeGolf Recording Swing System

Easy to use, best tools for amateur golfers Get it on Amazon
PIQ Mobitee Wearable Golf Sport Tracker Best for Data Fiends Get it on Amazon
Voice Caddie

Best Golf Tech

Improves shot, easy to use Get it on Amazon

Best Golf Tech Review

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder

Best Golf Tech

Golf players searching for indisputably golf tech should get the best Precision Pro Golf NX7 rangefinder. As a laser rangefinder, the NX7 will enable you to decide the accurate distance to the flag. Thus, this makes the club choice simpler. With exactness that can gauge the distance to 1/tenth of a yard, you can depend on the NX7 to discover your target. Simply lock onto a target and push the button on the highest point of the unit.

When you have your yardage, it’s your turn maintain a strategic distance from the fortification. The gadget uses Target Acquisition Technology to maintain a strategic distance from any undesirable items from losing your range. It can likewise get targets in excess of 400 yards away, which makes it useful for any degree of golf player.

Securing onto its target is fast, there’s no interference to the pace of the game. It can gauge distance in both yards and meters.

Pros Cons
Accurate distance measurement Expensive
Long distance measurement
Measures in yards and meters

This Bushnell unit is fundamentally the highest quality level for GPS and laser rangefinders, as told by the way that (as indicated by Bushnell) 97 percent of PGA visit players go to the brand for their needs. What this unit does is join laser precision with GPS tech to give you front, back and focus distance readouts for 36,000+ courses in 30 distinct nations. With up to 400 yards of laser exactness and 5x amplification, the unit is evidently amazing.

You can program up to four danger distance for every gap, and you can even interface it by means of Bluetooth to refresh or stack all the more course GPS data. This group is especially significant as it accompanies a smooth hardshell case, a carabiner to snare the unit onto your belt, a cleaning fabric, a wearable course brush, and even batteries to make it work. It’s a piece on the expensive side, however, it’s one of the best golf tech worth having in your golf bag.

Pros Cons
Long-distance coverage Expensive

On the off chance that you’ve at any point had that terrified inclination when you understood you don’t have a clue where you put your golf bag, at that point, you will promptly value the estimation of Tile Mate. The top-rated Bluetooth tracker has been helping individuals find everything from their keys to their golf clubs, on account of GPS following and Bluetooth.

Simply slip the Tile Mate into your golf bag and sit back and relax. In the event that your clubs are inside a short to medium distance, at that point a boisterous ring will lead you to your resources. The Tile Mate application will enable you to discover your bag in the event that you left it far away. GPS tracker will tell you where you were last inside scope of your clubs and the Tile Mate people group will fill you in regarding whether they see your clubs on the application.

Pros Cons
Easy tracking
Easy to install

Upheld by the dependability of the Garmin name, the Approach S60 is the new supreme victor for best golf watch. Getting to in excess of 40,000 courses, the Garmin matches up straightforwardly to your cell phone for data on each course. The 1.2-inch show, neat even under the sun, gives simply enough data to be helpful without being overpowering. That it works with the bit of a golf glove is simply what tops off an already good thing. There’s even standard smartwatch usefulness to accept calls, get messages, emails, and so on.

When you’ve synchronized your Garmin to your next green, you’ll discover a flock of data on the screen. It provides yardage to the front, focus, and back of the green in split seconds just as height and compass bearing to the opening. You’ll discover speedy access to risks including water and sand. The inherent GPS includes an additional degree of guarantee as the S60 serves as a rangefinder for exact distance to the gap. That it can keep going for over 10 hours on a solitary battery charge makes it a significant device for the novice and pro golf player.

Pros Cons
Provides yardage of the green Expensive
In-built GPS

GPS mammoth Garmin as of late extended its line of dynamic wearables with the Garmin Approach S20, a smart and agreeable approach to follow your movement and details. The watch comes in four smooth present-day structures, including white, blue-green, slate and dark. The completely pivoted and breathable watch band is comfortable and doesn’t hinder your swing. The AutoShot highlight dissects adjusts and shot distance for post-game analytics that discloses to you what regions should be improved and where you exceed expectations.

Detail the following variables in upgraded details, for example, fairways hit, greens in guideline and the number of putts per round. With the Garmin Approach S20 you can desert your FitBit in light of the fact that this watch additionally tracks your movement by tracking steps, calories consumed and even screens your sleep. The Garmin Approach S20 is an extraordinary method to improve your golf match-up and better your wellbeing.

Pros Cons
Well designed

Best Golf Tech

The Game Golf Live Tracking system is a constant shot GPS beacon you can append to the part of the arrangement club to target improvement open doors for genuine jumps in your game. Clasp the red connection to your belt and put a quill weight sensor tag on each club to get prompt execution data that shows how far and where each shot went on each gap you play. Plot your weight onto the course and let the incorporated software stage prompt you on what went right and what necessities work.

The bits of knowledge can be arranged by the club or gap, enabling you to follow your exhibition after some time. You can even contend with your companions or different golf players with the online difficulties mode, giving further inspiration to continue improving.

pros Cons
Easy to use
Help improve your game

Best Golf Tech

Get constant information about each part of your golf match-up with this thoroughly hands-free, completely programmed execution tracking system. Accros Golf 360 gives you a chance to gather proficient PGA visit level examination to follow the sort of bits of knowledge you have to carry your game to the next level. Arccos Caddie, golf’s first computerized reasoning stage will break down your information and run it through the most careful golf dataset to convey noteworthy bits of knowledge on gear decisions and practice swings.

The unit accompanies 14 ultralight low-profile sensors with a normal battery life of five years. Simply append every sensor to one of your golf clubs and GPS 2.0 will follow your shots continuously for the best mapping, shot tracking and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Pros Cons
Good Battery life
Good tracking performance

Best Golf Tech

Ever wish you could watch your golf match-up to pinpoint your qualities and shortcomings, however, would prefer not to make your companions tape each gap? This new SelfieGolf item is the ideal arrangement. The Recording Swing System connects to cell phones with an inventive clasp on configuration, working as a selfie-stick that you can append to your golf bag.

The gadget grips your telephone set up and enables you to film and catch each swing with no shaking, a simple to-utilize apparatus that demonstrates to you your swing. The lightweight and ergonomic plan is the best golf tech preparing apparatus for both beginners and geniuses, as it monitors everything from drive to put. The gadget is strong and won’t part of ordinary mileage.

Pros Cons
Easy to use
Well designed

Best Golf Tech

A few analyzers have practical experience in following and educating on one part of your game, yet the PIQ Mobitee Wearable Golf Sport Tracker does everything, offering an examination of your golf swing, and uses GPS to get and track your shots. Two sensors join to the handle of your clubs to track your tempo, swing way, and clubhead speed for each shot, so you can look at your swing measurements crosswise over various courses and at the driving reach, while the shot tracking tech causes you to pick the correct club for each shot dependent on your normal shot distance per club. At that point tap the GPS without hesitation on the glove sensor, which speaks with the Mobitee cell phone application, to satellite-track where you are and how much distance you presently can’t seem to cover to arrive at the gap on in excess of 40,000 overall courses.

The application-driven PIQ ROBOT gives continuous data to help control you when you make the most ideal next shots, with a Winning Factors channel to enable you to concentrate on where you most need to improve. In any case, you’re not compelled to always look at your telephone for the most basic information. Just take a look at the glove screen and it’ll read the distance to the green. As you keep on utilizing the gadget, it crunches information to enable you to settle on shrewd shot choices concentrated on improving your impairment. After a round, you can contrast your details with past games, or to others on a similar course. The gadget is likewise lined to work in different games like tennis and skiing.

Pros Cons
Over 40,000 golf course available Expensive
GPS and sensors available

Voice Caddie

Best Golf Tech

This independent gadget works without the guide of your smart gadget. Just position the Voice Caddie 4.5 feet behind your target ball, ensure it’s level to your ball, trigger the gadget enthusiastically by means of the included remote control, and start swinging (in case you’re terminating into a training net, simply position it 6.5 feet away). The gadget estimates the conveying distance of each shot, just as the swing and ball speed, and crush factor, recording normal details for each club with generally speaking details from the last 100 shots.

While this golf tech tends to be utilized in open play, however, for the best outcomes, think about using it for training. Also, it’s best utilized at either the driving extent or when hitting balls into a net. Likewise, remember that the gadget has a harder time reading colored balls, so you’re in an ideal situation with conventional ones (white).

Pros Cons
Best for training Unable to read colored balls
Improves shot

Best Golf Tech Selection Process

Time and resources were put into researching the most popular and the best golf tech. Before making the final selection of the best golf tech, a variety of golf tech were considered. This consideration was base on how golfers use them and their usefulness on the golf course. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 15 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of this result adds up to what makes this list of the best golf tech you can buy.

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Having known what the best golf tech are, you can check all the necessary specifications mentioned above before your purchase and choose what you really need.

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