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If you’re looking for where to get the best golf bags, you just found the right place. The best golf bags will not only hold your golfing equipment, but it will also give extra room for other equipment and tool you wish to put in there.

On this list, we’ve reviewed, tested and certified 11 golf bags made by different manufacturers as the best golf bags money can buy. So, if you need a new golf bag for your next golf game, these golf bags are able to do the job.

Buyers Guide: Features to Consider When Choosing Golf Bags

Most people wouldn’t believe the vast amount of features present in most golf bags. Unlike other bags, these features don’t really affect the price. Golf bag prices increase for storage instead of included features. This benefits all buyers and makes it easier to find a golf bag that matches up with the things you desire the most.
Therefore, features to consider while choosing a golf bag includes:

Size: Larger golf bags means more room for you to store your clubs and accessories. In turn, you’ll also have to deal with it being bulkier, especially after you’ve added your clubs. The difference between a large and small bag can be major depending on how well the brand handles the differences. So it is possible to have a bag that is small in size but still maintains the same amount of room as a bag that is bigger. Brands like Callaway do a good job handling size so that all of their golf bags don’t have any unnecessary bulk.

Weight: Light golf bags are all the rage nowadays, so brands only increase their visibility by meeting demand. The only time you will see really heavy golf bags is on the high end. The current list is full of light bags, so the only real benefit to looking at weight is if you want the lightest bag possible. But after adding your clubs, extras, apparel, drinks, and other items it is hard to tell the difference between a two-pound bag and a three-pound bag. Having weight to spare by getting a light bag is still something to consider if you have back or shoulder problems.

Cart Bag or Stand Bag: Each of these types has its own benefits, but which one deserves your money? Even though the actual use for these bags is defined in their types (STAND/CART) they can be used for any purpose you wish. This is another one of the great things about golf- you can do what you want with your equipment, even if that means driving with a putter. Here is a breakdown of each bag and its strengths;

  • Cart Bags: cart bags usually have more storage and are cart friendly. You’ll get more extended options with these bags included cutting edge enhancements like locking systems and double apparel space. These type of bags are suited for golfers that don’t like to walk the course a lot.
  • Stand Bags: Stand bags have retractable legs that balance the bag so you can stand it up. The design of these bags is simpler than cart bags since all of the pockets need to be easily accessible while it is in this mode. They also come packed with a lot of convenience features to make them more comfortable for short and long-distance carrying. Golfers that like to walk the course will have a high preference for stand bags.

Compatibility Issues: Sometimes, modified clubs and accessories won’t fit into a golf bag without a little force. In this case, it is best to back off and leave the modified club/extra at home. Unfortunately, a lot of users go in the other direction with this and force it in. This results in one of two situations; it eventually fits but is a pain to get out. Or the more obvious choice, it fits and damages either the bag or the club/extras. When faced with this situation, never force the item into the bag. It’s always a good idea to just go with a different bag that is compatible with your golfing equipment.

Best Golf Bag Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag

best golf bags

Water-resistant, It has Zippered pockets Get it on Amazon
Titleist Men’s 14 Way Stand Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

Dual strap, Towel ring, and rain hood, Lots of clubs Get it on Amazon
Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

It comes with a soft single shoulder strap with the strap holder Get it on Amazon
Bag Boy Golf Chiller Best Golf Bags

Large insulated cooler bag, Nine pockets Get it on Amazon
Sun Mountain 5.5 Stand Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

Water-resistant pockets, Zippers for all pockets Get it on Amazon
Sun Mountain Golf 4.5 14-Way Stand

Weighs about 6.4 pounds, Integrated umbrella holder Get it on Amazon
Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

Dual-density strap, It has an insulated water bottle Get it on Amazon
PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

Cart-strap channels, Specialized apparel pockets Get it on Amazon
PING Hoofer Carry Stand Best Golf Bags

It comes with a rain hood, Not too weighty Get it on Amazon
Callaway Golf Org 14

Dual pen holders, Lightweight Get it on Amazon
Sun Mountain C-130

best golf bags

It has two full-length apparel pockets, Water-resistant pockets, Great handles Get it on Amazon

The best golf bags to Buy in 2020

OGIO Cirrus Cart Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

The Ogio Cirrus cart bag is a low-cost golf bag that gives you a variety of colors to choose from. Colors of this bag come in shoot black, bolt green, burst blue and rush red.
Although the bag might not be flashy, some of its features are:

  • It has Zippered pockets
  • Comes with a fifteen-way divider with front dual putter pits
  • Water-resistant
Pros Cons
Quality design or colors Materials used in the design can be better in the next versions
It has enough space Mostly suitable for beginners and intermediates
Very Affordable

Titleist Men’s 14 Way Stand Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

This golf bag rates among the best golf bags for 2019 it also features eight zippered pockets. This bag has a dual strap meaning it has the capacity and ability to carry heavyweight.
Here are some of its features below:

  • Dual strap
  • Towel ring and rain hood
  • Lots of clubs
  • Eight zips
Pros Cons
Can be used by all levels of golfers A little upgrade from the previous versions
Strong enough to carry heavyweight
It’s Convenient

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

Although this golf bag does not possess top features, the Bag Boy Golf Chiller Hybrid Stand Golf Bag comes in a new noticeable and attractive design.

Its features are:

  • The 420 Denier nylon
  • A Soft single shoulder strap with the strap holder
  • An insulate cooler
Pros Cons
Great design Not so much of an upgrade from the Cart Bag model
Spaces to hold several cans
Spaces to hold several cans

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

This golf bag has a variety of colors: black, red and navy/charcoal/orange. It is one of the best golf bags available with these features:

  • Large insulated cooler bag.
  • Nine pockets
  • 420 Denier Nylon
Pros Cons
Suitable for all level of golfers The zippers are just there – average
Space to store accessories and valuables
very affordable

Sun Mountain 5.5 Stand Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

The sun mountain 5.5 golf bag is an elevated version of the Sun Mountain 4.5 golf bag. This bag is ideal for golfers who have to step up their equipment.
The features of this bag include:

  • Four-way top with full-length dividers
  • Water-resistant pockets
  • Zippers for all pockets
  • 420 Denier Nylon
Pros Cons
Easily balanced when standing Not ideal for professionals
Has a lightweight

Sun Mountain Golf 4.5 14-Way Stand

best golf bags

This golf bag is best suited for amateur golfers. This golf bag comes in a variety of colors like white, black, red and gray. However, this bag might not be the ideal choice for professional golfers.
Some of its features include:

  • Colored three-layer straps
  • Weighs about 6.4 pounds
  • Integrated umbrella holder
Pros Cons
Comfortable to carry around Might be difficult to balance (stand)
Many colors to choose from It is not suitable for professionals

Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

This golf bag is not only known for its durability; it’s also drawn from the Flextech Crossover. The golf bag only comes in 4 different colors: red, navy, black and gray.
Some of its features are:

  • PocketThick rain hood
  • Dual-density strap
  • It has an insulated water bottle
Pros Cons
Comfortable to carry around Limited colors
It comes with a nice feeling due to the strap Not ideal for professionals
It is durable The design is nothing spectacular

PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Best Golf Bags

best golf bags

The Ping pioneer golf bag is a very cool and simple golf bag. The bag has several magnetic pockets which means you can safely stick away from your valuable items to them.
It has the following features:

  • Cart-strap channels
  • Specialized apparel pockets
  • Fifteen-way top with anti-flex walls
Pros Cons
There are spaces for accessories as big as a phone Too simple
Can work in conditions that involve heavy movements
The pockets are water-resistant

PING Hoofer Carry Stand Best Golf Bags

golf bags

The Ping Hoofer golf bag has been awarded as one of the best golf bags with buyers having to pick from several colors. In addition, it has a rain hood which gives protection and nice padding to the bag. Yet, it is one of the cheapest golf bags available.
It has the following features:

  • A rain hood
  • Not too weighty
Pros Cons
Less painful to carry around Little space
Multiple colors to pick from
water protection

Callaway Golf Org 14

golf bags

The Callaway Org 14 golf bag is not quite an expensive bag when compared to other golf bags in the market.
It has a fourteen-way top with full divers as well as dual magnetic valuable pockets with the following features:

  • Dual pen holders
  • Lightweight
  • Average-sized
Pros Cons
Roomy and thus can house many items Average size
Can be used by all level of golfers
it’s affordable

Sun Mountain C-130

best golf bags

The Sun Mountain golf bag comes in a variety of colors and gives you enough access to stuck all your golfing accessories. One of the most amazing things about this golf bag is that it comes with enough space so you don’t have to worry about where to keep your valuables and accessories.
It has the following features:

  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Has enough room (space)
  • It has two full-length apparel pockets
  • Water-resistant pockets
  • Great handles
Pros Cons
Can be easily used in a cart due to its great handles Not too different from its earlier version
Very lightweight
Water-resistant valuables pocket

Best Cheap Golf Bags

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Cheap golf bags

Callaway is a titan in the golf gear industry, so one of their items appears to be a decent spot to begin. At only 5 pounds, the Capital Golf Stand Bag is a course walker’s fantasy. Be that as it may, it offers significantly more than its lightweight element.

The Capital has five pockets, including ones for assets, clothing, water bottle, your golf glove, and a full-size golf ball pocket. With a 5-way top club divider, it additionally accompanies a cushioned double shoulder lash, a towel circle, a work hip cushion for comfort, and a rain hood to keep your clubs dry.

Additionally, the Capital Stand Bag is accessible in 5 colors: Black/Blue/White, Black/Charcoal/Orange, Black/Red/White, Black/White, and White/Black/Pink.

Pros Cons
Comfortable double shoulder strap for easy carrying No separate wells for your putter or driver
Durable Limited supply

TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

cheap golf bags

Another golf bag simply under the $100 edge from another pioneer in the golf business is the TaylorMade Golf 2017 TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0. A lightweight bag, it flaunts an anti-stand framework with non-slip foot cushions, a double work shoulder lash framework, and an EVA shaped hip cushion as an afterthought for additional comfort as its top highlights.

Different features incorporate a 5-way divider top, a rain hood, an umbrella sleeve, and 6 pockets, including attire, golf balls, tees, assets, and other hardware and adornments. The TM Stand Bag 5.0 is likewise accessible in 6 colors: Black/White (presented above), Black/White/Red, Blue/Black/White, Gray/White, White/Black, and White/Orange.

Pros Cons
EVA molded hip pad on the side for extra comfort while carrying limited supplies
Durable Some users experienced problems with the stand

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

cheap golf bags

The 14 Way Tour Cart Bag from Prosimmon carries us to our first non-stand bag. This pack is intended to give the most extreme stockpiling and a smooth take a gander at a decent cost. As referenced, the pack has a lot of capacity with 6 pockets. There are 2 full-length pockets for putting away dress and shoes, and 1 each for golf balls, tees and adornments, assets, and a protected pocket for drinks.

There is a 14-way top, which has openings for all clubs, including drivers and over-sizes putters. It’s important, however, the dividers aren’t full length. Additionally, the pack is most appropriate for truck clients as it doesn’t have a double tie conveying framework or leg stands.

Accessible in 4 distinctive color plans: Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Red (presented above), and Black/Gray — the Prosimmon Tour Cart Bag weighs simply 5.3 pounds and furthermore incorporates functional highlights, for example, a velcro glove holder, rain hood, umbrella lash, and a helpful towel ring.

Pros Cons
Has 6 pockets, including an insulated one for drinks Dividers are not full-length
Has 14-way divider, with spots for a driver and oversized putter The putter pocket gets blocked by the strap when securing it into a cart

TourEdge Exotics Extreme 3 Stand Bag

golf bags

This specific model from TourEdge — the Exotics Extreme 3 Stand Bag — is really a closeout thing on Amazon. It consolidates style, usefulness, and toughness at a truly sensible cost. There are a lot of capacity pockets, including 2 for pieces of clothing, a waterproof velour-lined assets pocket, and a protected one for drinks. You’ll likewise have space for golf balls, tees, and different accessories.

It has a 7-way top which is featured by a shaped handle for simple get and conveying. Other advantageous highlights incorporate a scorecard and pen holder, cushioned double tie framework, a snappy discharge stand framework with non-slip feet.

There is likewise a wide arrangement of in vogue color plans to browse, including Black, Black/Charcoal/Blue, Black/Charcoal/Red, Black/White, Navy, Red/White, Royal/White, and Black/Charcoal/Lime. Recollect this is a closeout thing, so in case you’re keen on it, you should arrange rapidly.

Pros Cons
Waterproof There are no full-length dividers
Maximum padding on the carrying strap for easy walking Some users experienced problems with the stand

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag


Tangkula Golf probably won’t be a commonly recognized name, yet its stand pack offers an incredible incentive for quality and practical model. Extending from only $52.99 to $55.99 the bag is clearly entirely cheap however have highlights you’d find in increasingly costly models.

The bag is tough, yet lightweight (6 pounds), and is developed of water-safe materials. Also, with 7 pockets for apparatus, hardware, and adornments, there shouldn’t be a capacity issue. Different features incorporate a cushioned double tie framework, solid aluminum legs, a velcro glove holder, a formed handle at the top for simple get, and an umbrella holder.

The pack is accessible in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Green (presented above), and Red. The Tangkula Golf Stand Bag estimates 32 1/2 inches in length and the 6-way divider top is 11 inches by 8 inches.

Pros Cons
water-resistant Some users felt it didn’t feel very sturdy
Ergonomic and comfortable dual-strap carrying system Some users felt storage space was limited despite the 7 pockets

Hot-Z Golf Bags 2.0 Stand Bag


Another cheap stand golf bag from a lesser-known organization, the 2.0 Stand Bag from Hot-Z Golf Bags consolidates style and execution.

Highlighting an 8-inch, 6-route top with full-length dividers, some down to earth features are a scorecard and pen holder, a rain hood, a twofold lash conveying framework, 2 lift handles, and 5 zippered pockets, including 1 for assets, just as others for gear, golf balls, and different adornments. The bag is additionally lightweight, coming in at about 4.5 pounds (without clubs) and is built of nylon.

The Hot-Z 2.0 is accessible in 7 colors: Black/White, Caribbean Blue (presented above), Forest Green, Deep Sea Blue, Red Black, Ladies Lace, and Orange/Black/Gray. In spite of the new name, Hot-Z makes the absolute best cheap golf bag in the market.

Pros Cons
Very comfortable padded dual-strap system for walking Some might find the top is a little tight if you can a lot of clubs
Useful features like a scorecard holder, carrying handles, and rain hood Some users were disappointed with the strap — durability and comfort issues

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

cheap bags

In the event that you thought the Palm Springs Sunday Bag we discussed above was little, at that point feast your eyes on this little person. The Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag from Orlimar aren’t intended to be brought out onto an 18-opening, full-length course as it just holds around 6 or 7 clubs and has insignificant capacity. It is, be that as it may, perfect for Par-3 and Executive courses just as the driving reach.

Weighing simply 1.95 pounds, the pack estimates 31 1/2 inches in length and the two-compartment top measurement is just 3 1/4 creeps by 4 1/4 inches. It has 1 stockpiling compartment most appropriate for golf balls and tees and a handle for simple conveying.

It’s accessible in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Brick Red, and Orange. In case you’re an ardent golf player, it’s constantly a smart thought to have a “pitch and putt” bag so you don’t need to drag around your ordinary estimated one when heading off to the range.

Pros Cons
Weighs under 2 pounds Holds only 6 or 7 clubs
Perfect bag for a Par-3 course or driving range Much less storage for gear and equipment

Characteristics of A Good Golf Bag

five things to make any golf bag a must buy. All of these are very important, but having all of them in one bag guarantees a quality purchase.

1. Tough materials: It will protect not only the bag but the items you put inside of it. Putting your most expensive golfing equipment in a weak bag is asking for trouble.

2. Full-length dividers: This provides much better protection than a ½ length or even ¾ length dividers. It is a big deal if you own a pair of expensive clubs and don’t want to damage them in any way.

3. Excellent padding: Golf bags with excellent padding in the straps will keep your shoulders and back happy. This is often an underappreciated feature on both types of golf bags. Double padding is always a good thing to hear when you’ve got a long day at the golf course.

4. Low to mid-price: There is really no reason to purchase a super expensive golf bag when all of the same features are available at a low price.

5. Great customer service: This is the last thing and it goes a long way in guaranteeing the longevity of a golf bag. With it, your warranty and customer service needs will be met in a timely manner.

Finally, whether you’re in the market for a stand golf bag or a cart golf bag, brands have stepped up their game in regards to quality and if you are looking for the best golf bags I have compiled a great list to get you started. Therefore, golfers can now get more value for their money than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

With that theme in mind, here are the eight things you should be carrying in your golf bag.

You could add more, but this is what I feel you need to carry as a golfer.

14 clubs. According to the USGA, a golf player is permitted to have 14 clubs in his pack. This may incorporate three kinds of wood (driver, 3-wood and 5-wood), eight irons, (3-9 iron and pitching wedge), and putter. These are the standard 12 clubs in many golf sacks.