10 Best Cheap Golf Balls of 2024

best cheap golf balls

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Golf is quite an expensive game to play especially when you consider the money you spend buying golf equipment. Although its equipment may be expensive, there is still a way to get some cheap quality pieces of equipment like a golf bag, golf shirt, and most especially the best cheap golf balls.

With regards to cheap golf balls, they are also made of high-quality material and can serve as alternatives to the more expensive golf balls.

So if you can’t afford to buy expensive golf balls and you really want to play some golf, you can go for these options for the best cheap golf balls.

Wilson Smart Core — Pack of 24 Balls

best cheap golf balls

The first best cheap golf balls on the list come from Wilson and feature their patented Soft Core technology. This golf ball was engineered to adapt to your swing speed and will help you get greater distance on all your shots.

In addition, it produces less spin while off the tee to enhance your control and produces more spin around the green to improve distance.

The durable golf balls have an ionomer cover and built to be long-lasting on all course types and through all conditions. Although most professional golfers may not like this ball, if you are an armature in golf, you should start with this golf ball.

Pros Cons
Produces more spin around the green Probably won’t get the distance compared to more expensive balls
Offers a great feel and added distance Probably not suited for better players
Produces less spin off the tee for better control

Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Balls

best cheap golf balls

Another best cheap best golf balls on this list are Wilson’s golf tour velocity. If you need to improve on your distance with a cheap golf ball, this is your best bet. The golf tour velocity will help you achieve more yardage on each shot?

The ball features a two-piece construction, including a durable Ionomer cover with a boosted dimple pattern, which enhances ball flight and distance. In addition, the low-compression 70 core construction maximizes feel and control on every stroke.

The Series of golf balls is also available in Tour Velocity Women, Tour Velocity Tour Feel, and Tour Velocity Tour Accuracy. These best cheap golf balls are best suited for beginners trying to improve their distance.

Pros Cons
Low-mid compression core for excellent feel best suited for the beginner
Hard Ionomer cover helps supply maximum distance off the tees You might not get the best spin on shorter irons and wedges
The 2-piece construction and WS400 dimple pattern help get extra launch

Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Balls

best cheap golf balls

Srixon’s Soft Feel Golf Ball includes the organization’s “Enthusiastic Gradient Growth Core,” which is intended to give you that milder feel while not bargaining dispatch, ball speed, and separation. Srixon says the ball is appropriate for all players, however perfect for those with slower swing velocities.

The two-piece development has a hard Ionomer spread with 344-speed dimples for phenomenal lift and control. These golf balls likewise have a simple arrangement focus with the words “Delicate Feel” and bolts. This element can be very useful for new players exploring the best cheap golf balls.

Pros Cons
The alignment aid on the ball helps with pre-shot setup for better accuracy Might be too soft for more experienced players
The Energetic Gradient Growth Core helps with launch and ball speed If you have a very slow swing speed, this isn’t the ball for you
The 344 dimple pattern reduces drag for more distance Might not get the desired spin around the green

Callaway Warbird Balls

best cheap golf balls

Callaway is best known for having expensive golf equipment, but surprisingly, you can definitely find bargains from the company with the 2017 Warbird Golf Balls. These value golf balls come in a pack of a dozen and feature some of Callaway’s most innovative technology.

The HEX Aerodynamics will enable you to get incredible dispatch, speed, and separation. You’ll additionally get more yardage on account of the huge high-vitality center. The ball is a two-piece development and has an ionomer spread which loans to a delicate vibe and control on each shot.

So for armatures who like products from Callaway, this is a very good and affordable option for you.

Pros Cons
A high-energy core works with all swing speeds for added distance Probably best suited for the beginner or intermediate player
2-piece with Ionomer cover promotes better feel and control
HEX Aerodynamics cuts down drag leading to better flight and distance

TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

cheap golf balls

TaylorMade is well known for making some of the best cheap golf balls. The TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls, are designed to improve your play all over the course, from the tee box to the fairway to the green.

Each ball has a 342 dimple design which will promote extra distance by helping reduce spin on tee shots. The Burners are also highlighted by a soft, yet durable cover for great feel and control.

Looking to improve your distance as an armature, then the Taylormade Burner is for you.

Pros Cons
Designed to provide maximum distance 60 compression ball probably isn’t best suited for better players
Soft, yet durable, the cover has a great feel on putts
342 dimple design helps get launch and better control

Callaway Strata Voodoo Golf Balls

best cheap golf balls

Another cheap best golf ball from Callaway is the Strata Voodoo Golf Balls. For a golf ball this cheap and with the Callaway name on it, you know you’re getting an excellent deal. USGA compliant, they are designed to add distance to every shot thanks to their softcore.

In addition, each Voodoo has a pretty unique, durable, and stylish cover, and each ball is stamped with the Strata logo, which acts as an alignment aid for tee shots and putts.

They are also stamped with their cross-bones logo and are numbered 1, 2, 3, or 4. Although it might not be the best ball for professionals, if you are looking to improve your distance as an armature, this is the perfect ball for you.

Pros Cons
Users liked the distance they get off the tee Probably not the best ball for better players
The balls are USGA compliant so they can be used in tournament play Some users didn’t like the lack of spin near the greens

TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls

cheap golf balls

Take a little style to your game with the TaylorMade 2018 Noodle Neon Matte Color Golf Balls, which arrive in twelve packs. Accessible in Matte Lime Green (envisioned) and Matte Red, the cover paint is UV safe and won’t blur.

The development of the ball is very solid and will help with including separation, precision, and turn around the greens. On account of the delicate and dainty iothane spread, you’ll take care of business additional ball speed on all shots, which will loan to that additional yardage.

What’s more, on the off chance that you have an issue with precision, the TaylorMade’s protected dimple configuration helps keep those shots straight.

Pros Cons
Thanks to the UV resistant neon matte finish, these balls are highly visible Some users felt the look was better than the performance
Soft, yet durable, the cover is designed to be long-lasting Not everyone likes the color
Low-compression speedcore helps with distance and a soft feel

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

best cheap golf balls

Looking to improve your all-around shot? then try the Nitro Maximum Distance best cheap Golf Balls. They come with a variety of colors to choose from, including Orange, White, Yellow, and Pink.

Each ball has 2-piece construction, which includes a titanium core and a durable cover with an aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design.

These qualities will help you get maximum ball speed on contact with increased lift and longer, straighter shots. These balls are good for practics and for amateur golfers.

Pros Cons
2-piece tournament construction Not for the advanced player
Aerodynamic dimple design reduces drag for higher, longer shots They probably aren’t the most durable ball on the market
Titanium core maximizes the energy transfer from clubhead to the ball on contact

Wilson Chaos Golf Balls (24-Balls)

best cheap golf balls

Most of us have disorderly diversions on the course. The Wilson Chaos Golf Balls are intended to enable you to diminish that and improve your golf shots.

Regardless of whether it’s separation, turn, exactness, or on the greens, the Chaos balls will get results. Furthermore, There’s a decision of White or Multi-Colored, which incorporates six each Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green. Also, Wilson is known for making probably the best shabby golf balls around.

Each golf ball has a strong structure, including two-piece development. It has a low-pressure center which loans a delicate vibe for more solace on the greens. The ionomer mix spread is strong and combined with the Wilson Staff 400 dimple design, you’ll get that genuinely necessary dispatch and additional separation.

The majority of the balls are stepped with the Chaos logo just as the Wilson logo, which likewise goes about as an arrangement that helps for tee shots and putts.

Pros Cons
The high-velocity Ionomer blend cover is durable and lends a great feel to all shots designed for armatures
Wilson Staff 400 dimple pattern helps with the launch, control, and distance The color might not suit everyone
The low compression core is designed to help get a better spin on shorter irons

Titleist DT TruSoft Prior Generation Golf Balls

cheap golf balls

The Titleist golf balls are arguably one of the most popular golf balls used by PGA Tour players. They are of high quality and offer great value as some of the best cheap golf balls.

The unique dimple design lends to greater launch, distance, and control off the tee. The durable ionomer cover has a soft feel and will be much more forgiving on your short game shots and on the greens.

And the low compression core is the softest one Titleist makes and that’ll help cut down on spin on drives and longer irons. This ball can be used by amateurs and professionals

Pros Cons
The soft pure ionomer cover gives off a great feel on all shots Some users feel you don’t get maximum distance
Lowest compression Titleist core is great for a spin around the greens These are a prior generation ball
Unique dimple design helps with the launch and consistent flight

Test Process

Enough time and resources were put into researching the best cheap golf balls on the market. Before making our final selection of the best cheap golf balls, serval cheap golf balls were considered. They were properly reviewed and screened and lots of online reviews were read (both positive and negative) to ascertain the most durable and well-constructed cheap golf ball for you. All of this process adds up to what makes this list of the best cheap golf balls you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do golf balls make a difference?

For shots around the green, using a softer golf ball is ideal. However, If your handicap is high, the ball you choose to hit makes little difference. But as your game improves, the ball you use can make a difference in a number of ways and help lower your handicap.

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