Best Golf Travel Bag of 2024

Best Golf Travel Bag

Welcome to our review of the best golf travel bag of 2022. As a golfer, sometimes you’ll need a golf travel bag just to convey your golf equipment when traveling. Golf travel bags are quite different from the normal golf bags golfers carry around on the greens. Most golf travel bags have an enormous space to contain all your golf clubs including shoes and clothing.

The best golf bags we’ve reviewed below are durable, lightweight, portable, and come with enough space. So, if you’re looking for the best golf travel bags, this is the right place to search. We’ve got the best for you.

However, before selecting any of these travel bags to buy, here are some of the things you need to consider below.

Buyers Guide: Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Golf Travel Bag

When looking for the ideal golf travel bag to keep your golf clubs safe and secure while traveling or toting your apparatus around the course, there are numerous things to think about, for example:

Exterior Durability: Numerous air terminals prescribe utilizing hard golf travel cases to ship your golf gear, yet, I have considered nearly to be the same number of objections about harms done via carriers to hard cases as delicate cases. As I would see it, both can do a similar activity as long as you probably are aware of how to secure them appropriately.

Inside Padding: The inside padding is critical in a golf travel bag as it gives a delicate shield to protect your clubs against harm when getting knocked around. You need to comprehend that regardless; your bag will be tossed around by stuff handlers.

This doesn’t mean they are deliberately attempting to harm your bag or possessions, yet they must exchange stuff a few times starting with one spot then onto the next until it, at last, arrives at your plane, so as to guarantee your things will get to your goal when you do, and they are frequently in a rush.

Storage Capacity: It is in every case preferable to have more space over less so you can pack what you need without deserting anything since it won’t fit. Along these lines, I would propose you select a bag with an enormous limit. It is additionally great to have heaps of compartments to keep your things flawless and sorted out so you will know where everything is.

This incorporates having huge pockets that either attach together or zip firmly, however even better, ones that you can bolt to keep your things secure. It’s terrible enough to recover your things with scrape stamps, tears, or gouges than to not get them back by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s likewise significant that most carriers will charge you on the off chance that you go over their weight limits, which is typically 50 pounds; consequently, attempt and remain underneath the farthest point.

Stitching: Something else to look out for is the sewing and joining of the creases since a bag could be made with the best, generally costly, and sturdy material, yet it wouldn’t make any difference if the creases are ineffectively reinforced together.

This is particularly significant for the individuals who will, in general, overstuff their bags. Give pulling a shot at the part of the bag that are seamed together to ensure they won’t tear apart and consistently be mindful so as not to place a lot in your pack since even great solid creases can part open from the force this puts on them.

Wheels, Standing Upright, And Maneuverability: Golf travel bags with wheels come in a wide range of types and styles. A few wheels are simple rolling where others are difficult to move around, yet in addition, extreme to move. Along these lines, consistently check to guarantee that you will have the option to wheel your clubs around effectively. It is likewise critical to have a bag that can stand without any support, so you won’t need to hold it up while attempting to do different things or be compelled to lay it down on a messy floor or ground.

Straps, Zippers, And Locks: Guarantee that your golf travel bag has appropriate ties to keep your clubs secured down, and simultaneously if your bag accompanies zippers or different clasp — check to ensure they perform appropriately and won’t break during your outing.

Likewise, a few packs accompany locks to ensure against robbery, while others may simply have loops in a spot where you can join your own lock. It’s in every case preferable to be sheltered over grieved and lock your things whenever the situation allows, particularly while traveling.

Guarantee: This is one thing that is frequently disregarded when making any buys. No one wants to have to restore their items, however, things occur, and should you get a damaged travel bag you will need to be secured by a decent guarantee that will either have it supplanted, fixed, or returned for a full discount. Since we’ve investigated what to search for, we should plunge into our individual audits of the best golf travel bags accessible.

Best Golf Travel Bags Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Amazon Basics

golf travel bag

  • Waterproof,
  • Easily accessible with a full-length zipper, Comfortable carrying loop handles.
  • Freestanding with clubs inside
  • Collapsible for compact storage
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Ping Rolling Golf Bag Cover

best golf travel bag

  • Has 6 handles for easy lifting
  • Smooth-rolling wheels that make it very easy to wheel around.
  • Compact into 15 inches folding quickly and easily.
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SKB Deluxe ATA

golf travel bag

  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene construction
  • Designed to fit carry bags, cart bags, and drivers.
  • TSA recognized and accepted a locking latch system for secure travel.
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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour

  • Bags fit great into this cover.
  • Comes with a TSA approved locket has a lot of room for your gear.
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Club Glove Last Bag

best golf travel bag

  • Has three carry handles plus top and bottom handles for lifting
  • The bag is big enough to accommodate 47-inch golf clubs.
  • Lifetime warranty to shoe pockets with two shoe bags
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Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix

best golf travel bag

  • They respond to inquiries quickly.
  • High Impact EVA molded foam for maximum protection
  • 1800D top-of-the-line nylon construction
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Best Golf Travel Bag in Portability

Amazon Basics

golf travel bag

The Amazon Basics, delicate-sided dark golf travel bag case with wheels is 50 x 13 x 15 Inches, weighs 8.65 pounds, and is made of waterproof dark canvas. This golf travel bag is an astounding decision for guarding your golf clubs while traveling. The strong pack contains an assortment of latches and straps that snap together to hold your substance safely set up with the goal that nothing moves around or grinds against one another while traveling and it will likewise ensure your rigging against outside components.

Designed particularly for movement with a haul-out handle and two smooth-moving wheels for easy transport, the Amazon Basics delicate-sided bag is lightweight and collapsible for minimal stockpiling when not being used. It additionally contains a coordinated ID opening that can be seen from the outside through a straightforward window, your contact information will be seen initially.

It’s additionally furnished with two loop focus handles that make it advantageous when lifting all through the storage compartment and has nonskid fixes on the base that make it conceivable to stand up on its own even with your equipment inside.

See our review: Amazon Basics

Pros Cons
Has extra padding on top of the club heads It’s hard to get it to stand on its own.
Fast delivery usually arrives in just two days Very short return policy.
Can hold a set of golf clubs inside another golf bag The angle it rolls in is shallow and makes it kind of hard to wheel around.

Ping Rolling Golf Bag Cover

best golf travel bag

The PING men’s dark moving golf travel bag cover is 53 x 17 x 12 inches, gauges 10 pounds, and makes traveling easy and effortless with 6 handles for simple lifting combined with slide rails and smooth-moving urethane wheels that make moving a breeze.

Worked to last with 1200D polyester, the Ping Rolling pack rapidly overlays into 15 inches tall to effortlessly fit inside the bag included.

Pros Cons
Has 6 handles for easy lifting The seams are not very durable.
Smooth-rolling wheels that make it very easy to wheel around.
Compact into 15 inches folding quickly and easily.

Best Golf Travel Bag in Durability

SKB Deluxe ATA

golf travel bag

The SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case is 48 x 14 x 11 inches and weighs 17.64 pounds. This golf travel bag is formed from a similar material required by the U.S. military for holders and cases; sub-atomic weight, ultra-high polyethylene, to enable your clubs to remain secure when things handlers hurl it around or while experiencing a TSA review process.

The molded, perfectly sized plan, suits the greater part of the present popular golf packs, including bags that store up to 48-inch drivers, the TSA locking framework, and mechanical quality patent-pending hooking. Different highlights incorporate a Perfect-Match bowing valance framework; residue, soil, and dampness safe lodging and SKB’s unrivaled million-mile ensure with $1,500 club inclusion.

See our review: SKB Deluxe ATA

Pros Cons
Comes with three locks and one key that opens them all. It is too small to hold some golf bags.
Made in the USA Latches do not close very well and may come open.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene construction

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour

Sun Mountain Tour Series ClubGlider Golf Travel Bag is 52 X 14 X 14 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds.

This bearer contains ties to hold your golf bag inside and furthermore has extra outside straps that will take care of the whole apparatus.

Also, the leg system withdraws and stretches out in one straightforward movement, and it verifies in the formed tray.

Pros Cons
The wheels are exceptional you can maneuver it with one finger It gets narrower near the clubhead area.
Has internal cinch straps that secure your golf bag The bag is kind of heavy?
Bags fit great into this cover the top tends to flip back while loading.

Best Golf Travel Bag in Storage Capacity

Club Glove Last Bag

best golf travel bag

The Club Glove Large Last Pro Golf Travel Bag is 51 x 19 x 16 inches, weighs 12.6 pounds, and is the most utilized golf bag among visiting experts on the LPGA, Champions, and PGA visits. The sack accompanies a lifetime restricted guarantee or another “unlimited” upgradable guarantee and is produced totally in the USA.

Your clubs will be secured with additional thick froth cushioning and Cordura outside that gives the most extreme sturdiness.

Because of a two-piece completely incorporated handle, lifting the bag into the storage compartment is no issue. Different highlights incorporate a high effect wheelbase that totally shields and supports the base of the pack, inline skate wheels for quick transport, YKK zippers, two individual shoe pocket sacks, and ITW Nexus clasps.

Pros Cons
Has three carry handles plus top and bottom handles for lifting The light blue color can get dirty fast
The bag is big enough to accommodate 47-inch golf clubs Although the bag has two hooks to attach the shoulder straps it did not come with them
CORDURA fabric offers maximum durability

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix

best golf travel bag

At 14 x 15 x 53 inches and 12 pounds, the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Travel Golf Bag is the biggest golf travel bag accessible from Caddy Daddy and was intended for enormous staff and truck packs, yet can accommodate stand packs too.

Developed with 1800 denier propelled grade weatherproof materials, which is multiple times thicker and strong than the ordinarily utilized 600 deniers, the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix pack includes the top webbing, handles, wheels, and three huge lockable pockets that you can keep your rigging or additional garments and shoes in.

CaddyDaddy has been fabricating excellent hitting the fairway items for over 15 years and is focused on a really bother free client experience and gives a 100 percent, straightforward 1-year full pack substitution assurance to where if your travel bag gets harmed inside the primary year of owning it, they will send you a fresh out of the plastic new substitution sack at positively no additional expense.

Pros Cons
Internal & external compression cinch straps for securing clubs Does not include TSA locks
3 oversized pockets to store extra gear The cinches tend to loosen a lot
The bag is collapsible for easy storage

How We Picked

Time and resources were put into researching the best golf travel bags. Before making the final selection of the best golf travel bags, a variety of golf bags were considered. This consideration was based on how portable, durable, and the storage capacity they have. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 20 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of these results adds up to what makes this list of the best golf travel bags you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a golf bag thought about a checked sack?

Numerous carriers require that golf bags be moved as checked luggage –even a single club cannot be taken on board as a portable thing. Depending on the carrier you use and the idea of your ticket, you may need to pay for each piece of checked stuff. Most carriers allow checked bags up to 50 pounds.

Would you be able to bring golf balls on a plane?

Sports balls, for example, footballs, golf balls, bowling balls, b-balls, and so forth are permitted in your carry-on and checked stuff, as are boxing gloves. Things that can be utilized as a cudgel are not permitted in your portable suitcase and must be placed in your checked stuff.


If you’ve read this review of the best golf travel bag, it implies you’re searching for a travel bag and we believe you must have found one or two among our list that suits your needs. Be that as it may, before making your final selection, we suggest that you take as much time as you need to go through each product again in other to be certain of what you really need.

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