How to Drive a Golf Ball Perfectly

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Whether you’re an armature or a pro golf player, you ought to know how to drive a golf ball. However, for most armature golfers, driving a golf ball perfectly might still be an issue for them. Luckily, we’ve highlighted some important tips for you on how to drive a golf ball perfectly.

Having a perfect grip on your golf drivers, making a good stance and mastering your swing is practically all you need in other to know how to drive a golf ball perfectly.

How to Drive a Golf Ball Perfectly


how to drive a golf ball

Your grip on a driver is one of the most significant components in driving a golf ball, and it’s not as instinctive as you would suspect.

Take the club in your other hand first – in case you’re right-handed, grip it with your left hand. Stick out your thumb and point it at the ground.

Next, take your right hand and spot it with the goal that your left thumb fits cozily in the V your pointer finger and thumb make.

Try not to grip the club too firmly or it will adversely influence your grasp and how you hit the ball.


how to drive a golf ball

The position is another basic fixing in your golf swing, particularly in case you’re attempting to figure out how to hit a golf ball more distant or how to drive a golf ball straight.

Stand to confront the ball, and line it up with the purpose of your front foot.

Your feet ought to be about the shoulder-width distance, however somewhat more extensive won’t hurt excessively.

Locate an agreeable position at the range and adjust from that point for flawlessness. You ought to appropriate your weight equitably before beginning your swing.


Your swing may be the greatest factor in driving the golf ball. Your position and grip can be great, yet in the event that your swing isn’t there, you’ll see your drive as frustrating. Bring your club back gradually, moving your weight to your back foot. Take a major backswing when you’re doing this.

It may even feel somewhat ungainly and awkward from the outset. Hold your head down and take as much time as is needed. There’s no motivation to surge your swing here. In the event that you’ve at any point played baseball, at that point you know the idiom, “Watch out for the ball.” You need to do something very similar here.

Seeing where you’re going to hit will give you the most obvious opportunity at strong contact. As you finish your swing, move your weight to your front foot and the same with your hips. Keep your elbows tucked for whatever length of time that you can on the finish. Remember that you don’t need to hit the ball as hard as possible. One of the principles of golf is that the easiest swing frequently sends the ball the furthest.


Figuring out how to drive a golf ball isn’t as hard as you would suspect. Practice, and it will, in the long run, become natural. Don’t overthink the swing and let your mind do the rest. Furthermore, if you still find it hard to master the act, you can take a couple of lessons from a pro or probably watch some golf instructional DVDs.

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