Best Golf Hats and Caps for Men in 2024

best golf hats

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Worry no more if you are looking for the best golf hats. We can suggest you a wide range of different best golf hats /cap, so you can select from it. Depending on your preference, There are several criteria that you should consider to ensure that the selected the hats that can meet all your needs.

Firstly, you should take a look at the types of hats. Many people want to make a payment for the best golf hats however, they do not know exactly which type of hat/cap they want. There is an array of different kinds of golf hats, like the Nike golf hatthe Titleist golf hats, the golf bucket hats, the puma golf hats, the ping golf hats¸ the cobra golf hat and the straw golf hats.

Additionally, it is a good idea for you to learn about the feature of each hat or cap carefully to ensure that you know all the advantages and the disadvantages of the hat that you intend to buy. You should pay more attention to what you need to do to let your hat be in good shape.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Hats

Texture: While putting resources into golf clothing, guarantee the texture is dampness wicking and comfortable to wear.

Adequate Sun Protection: What is the purpose of a golf cap in the event that it doesn’t give you adequate security from the sun? Pail caps and wide overflow caps are an incredible alternative in the event that you are searching for included protection.

Machine Washable: Ensure your golf cap is machine launderable. Also, quality materials and textures enormously decrease the number of sweat stains.

Color: Make a design proclamation each time you set out in the course. Brilliant colors are an incredible choice for showy golf players while senior players can select unbiased colors.

Types: Here is the place purchasing a golf cap gets energizing on the grounds that there are such a significant number of types to browse. Regardless of whether you select an easygoing baseball hat or are watchful for something popular like a wide-overflow cap, the decision is altogether up to you.

Best Golf Hats Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy

Taylor Made R15 39

Lightweight and comfortable Get it on Amazon

The straw trucker visor

Durable and well designed Get it on Amazon

Nike golf sun protect bucket

Comes with a Dri FIT fabric Get it on Amazon

Nike Golf Dri FIT swoosh visor

well designed Get it on Amazon

King cobra pro tour fly Z sport mesh

best golf hats

Durable and offers UV protection Get it on Amazon

Ping KP

golf hats

Well designed and durable Get it on Amazon

new men’s Puma golf 3D

best golf hats

Can fit all head size  Get it on Amazon

Under Armour men’s rich

best golf hats

Lots of colors to choose from, lightweight Get it on Amazon

Callaway liquid metal

Provides UV protection, lightweight Get it on Amazon

Nike golf – drift swoosh perforated

golf hats

Durable and fits all head size Get it on Amazon

Nike men’s golf legacy 91 tech

Great design  Get it on Amazon

Hooey hat

golf hats

Lightweight and durable Get it on Amazon

Best Golf Hats

Taylor Made R15 39 Thirty stretches fit men’s golf hats

golf hat

The first golf cap on this list is the Taylormade R15 39 thirty stretches fit men’s golf cap. You should not ignore this hat for any reason because its an amazing quality hat. There are 8 main colors of this hat, consisting of the blue, white, black, green, grey, purple, red and yellow hats. With the various colors of the hat, it is just a piece of cake for you to choose your favorite color. You should be aware that each color has its own meaning and a unique style.

be careful also when you mix it with your clothes and ensure that your hat is in harmony with your clothes to create a fashionable style for the wearers.

This hat is made from 95 percent of the woven polyester and 5 percent of the woven spandex. If you take the time to learn about the materials, these materials can bring all wearers a comfortable feeling, even though they wear it all day.

Moreover, this hat is so light, so you will feel very comfortable and it will not leave a red line on your forehead. Additionally, the sweatband of this hat is able to absorb all the moisture. The materials of this hat also make a great contribution to minimizing the odor. The hat plays a very vital role in preventing you from the adverse effect of the weather conditions. Besides, it also can help you be away from the bacteria.

Although this cap is wonderful for both adults and children, you should notice that if you choose the white color, you have to keep it away from the dirt. Your hat will look bad if you let it dirty. Besides, you should not clean your hat with too much water to avoid ruining its white color.

Pros Cons
bring wearers a comfortable feeling look bad if you let it dirty

Straw trucker visor – natural golf hats

golf hatThe second option for you is the Straw trucker visor – the natural hat. The same as the above products, this hat is also made from cotton. This is one of the most favorite material in terms of quality and price. Additionally, the materials of this hat are mixed with about 75% of straws. Therefore, this hat can make people feel more and more comfortable. Its materials are not only cool but also thick.

Honestly, this hat will be a perfect choice for a vacation or a picnic. My family members always give them a priority for this hat because of its fashionable look. This hat has two main colors, including brown and black. In my opinion, this hat is a good selection for the younger generation.

Also, this hat can put an end to your worry about the size of your head. You do not need to worry if you have a big hat or a big head. All that you have to do is just to take the use of the strap to adjust the dimensions of the hat. It is completely possible for you to make an adjustment to the hat. The dimensions of this hat are 3 x 2 inches.

Due to the variety of this hat, there remain a lot of fake products with the lower quality, but a higher price. Therefore, if you make a plan to buy this hat, it is very important for you to read the description of the product. Besides, you should order in their official websites, instead of another unreliable address.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Lots of fakes are available 
Durable material  

Nike golf sun protect bucket golf hats

golf hat

Many people have a deep passion for outdoor activities. It can be said that they prefer outdoor activities rather than indoor activities. However, there are many different factors that can stop their hobby and the UV effect is the main reason. The sunny days are an ideal occasion for all people to take part in an outdoor game like playing golf.

The Nike golf sun protects the bucket hat with a unique design that can satisfy all the customers. The materials of this hat are 88 percent of the polyester and 12 percent of the spandex plain woven. Moreover, this hat has a Dri FIT fabric, which can make a great contribution to prevent you from a wet feeling. This material can contribute to keeping you comfortable and dry.

Besides, this hat can provide the wearer good protection from sunshine effects. This hat has lightweight, so it is very comfortable for you to wear. Some people think that if they wear this hat, they look boring. But, this hat is different because it can help you keep up with the latest fashion trend and its style is simple.

Apart from its advantages, it also has some little problems that the manufacturers should pay more attention to. One of the most outstanding things is that this hat is too small and it is not for people who have a big size. If your head is big, you cannot fit this hat well, even when you make a choice of the largest hat size.

Pros Cons
has a Dri FIT fabric not for people who have a big head size
provide the wearer good protection from sunshine effects  

Nike Golf Dri FIT swoosh visor golf hats

golf hats

The visor is one of the most reputable brands all over the world. Each year, they usually release countless hats with different styles to adapt to the needs of the customers. The Nike golf dri fit swoosh visor hat is a good looking hat. The material of this hat is 100 percent of the dri fit Polyester.

Its performance is so great and it will leave you a great impression at first sight. After several improvements, this hat is applied to the Dri – FIT moisture management. The manufacturers add three-panel visors to make it control the moisture, so you can feel cooler.

A great number of people from all walks of life love this hat. Its design is lovely. It will not bring you a traditional look, but a modern one. Furthermore, it is very easy for you to have a good combination of this hat and your clothes. Besides, its price is very reasonable.

Aside from countless benefits that this hat can bring you, there are several disadvantages. People may find it difficult for them to adjust this hat. Although it has an adjustable snap, you cannot make an adjustment easily as the other hats. Therefore, to prevent this problem, you had better go to the shop and choose the proper size.

Pros Cons
Affordable a bit difficult to adjust
Well designed  

The Hooey golf hats

golf hats

The last best golf hats that you should be part of your collection is the Hooey hat – ‘trap’ roughly golf hat. This hat is the perfect combination between the white and the grey color. Due to its trendy style, this product is considered the best golf hats product on the market. It is often difficult for people to buy the real hat and no one is sure exactly when it will return.

This hat has two main sizes, including L (large) and XL (extra-large). These are the biggest sizes, so if your head is big, it still fits you expect otherwise. This hat is made from 2 percent of the PU spandex, 8 percent of the cotton, 40 percent of the polyester and 50 percent of the nylon. This hat has an outstanding grey logo in the front of this hat.

It is a very nice hat! The big size is more popular than the small one. If you have a small head, you should order the product first, depending on your dimensions.

Pros Cons
Come in two main sizes Hard to maintain
Great design  

Best Golf Caps

King cobra pro tour fly Z sport mesh

golf hats

Another hat that you should put into your hat collection is the king cobra tour fly z sport mesh hat golf cap. This hat has three main colors, including black, blue and white. Besides, each color is combined with the white color, so it will not make you look older than your real age. Or in other words, this hat is a perfect choice to help you have a younger and smarter look.

In addition, in terms of the design, this hat has a 3D cobra logo, which is embroidered on the front of the hat. The Cobra logo is very beautiful and attractive. Many people are interested in this hat because of the logo. They love how it is designed and its patterns. The materials of this hat are from 55 percent of polyester, 43 percent of Nylon and 2 percent of PU spandex.

similarly, this hat also can protect you from the effect of the UV. You can wear it whenever you go out on sunny days. Besides, it is also useful for you in the light rain. You should remember that this hat just can protect you from the bad influence of the weather conditions, and it cannot keep you warm in the winter.

Although its quality and price are nice, the manufacturers need to change something in this hat. Not everyone likes the logo. They do not want to make an advertisement for the brand all the time. Some people usually feel like they are advertising for the Cobra brand.

Pros Cons
can protect you from the effect of the UV Not everyone likes the logo
Made with a durable material  

Ping KP

golf hats

The latest version of the KP brand is the Ping KP cap golf hat 2016. Because this hat is the newest one, it has applied all the improvements and developments. The KP brand has been a long history and they have produced numerous diverse products.

Each product, they usually inherit the good features of the older versions and add more new features into the new the same vein, the Ping KP cap golf hat is not an exception.

If the former version of this hat can make people feel uncomfortable whenever they wear it for a long time, this hat will be not. This hat is made from cotton, spandex twill and polyester, so people won’t have a bad feeling. Besides, this hat can give people an energetic look for outdoor activities.

Furthermore, this hat also has applied the sensor cool technology for the headband. With this technology, you can put an end to your worry about the heat. Many people do not want to wear a hat in the summer days because it is hot and the hat can affect negatively on their hairstyle. If you need a hat that can deal with these disadvantages, this hat is for you.

Although this hat has received several positive reviews from the buyers, it still has some disadvantages. The same problem as the Cobra hat, people do now want to get a logo in front of their hat. The quality of this hat is perfect, but its design is too simple.

Pros Cons
Keeps your head cool Expensive
give people an energetic look  

New men’s Puma golf 3D

If you need a hat for your kid, here is our advice. The new men’s Puma golf 3D cat flex fit hat is a good selection for the teenager with a perfect design. There is a 3D cat in the hat and it can attract the kids. With this hat, you do not need to worry about the size of the hat because it can be stretched to make it fit your head well.

Furthermore, the sweatband of this hat has a very good performance to make sure that you will not be wet while wearing it. Its appearance is great with the new style. That is to say, it can also protect you from the sun. When you wear it on the windy days, you do not need to worry that your hat can be flowed off, thanks to the adjustable snap. Because it can be stretched, so you can ease your mind about the too small or big head.

Although the quality and the price of this hat is very affordable, some people complain that this hat has just 3 colors, so they cannot opt for their favorite color and so they ignore this hat, just because of the colors.

Pros Cons
Affordable Only 3 colors available
Can fit all size of heads  

Under Armour men’s rich golf adjustable cap

best golf hats

Another great hat that you should take into consideration is the under armor men’s rich golf adjustable cap. This cap is made of 100% cotton; therefore, it can keep your head dry always. Furthermore, the interior of this hat will not make you feel hot rather it will make you feel cool and comfortable.

Many people tend to order their hat from the official website of the manufacturers because they do not want to waste time going to shops. They just want to stay at home and buy it online. Due to delivering, many hats lose their good shape when they are being delivered. However, for this hat, it is not a problem because of its higher crown

Because of the location of the manufactures (USA), its quality is checked carefully before exporting to other countries. With only several stylish colors, this hat is the number one choice of many young people. Besides, it has a strap to help you adjust.

Regardless of the good points, this hat should be improved to become a perfect product. Although it’s made of cotton, people have to face so many difficulties when they wash it. Furthermore, nothing can ensure that it will be in good shape after washing the cap.


Pros Cons
Variety of colors available Loses shape after serval wash
Good for young golfers  

Callaway liquid metal

best golf hats

Same as any hat, the Callaway liquid metal adjustable caps are another suggestion for people who have a deep passion for fashion. With its simple design, this hat has the ability to provide a good look for all people. If you want to have a sportive style, you should make a payment for this hat right now.

Although it does not have a complex design or pattern as other hats, it can bring you an energetic and flexible style. It is more suitable for people to wear when playing sport. Moreover, the fabric of this hat enables to against the bacteria to protect your health.

Many people worry about the bad effect of sunlight, therefore, they prevent their children from playing sport.  This hat is a good solution for them because this hat can protect the kids from 30+ UV. There is no problem for their kids if they wear the Callaway liquid metal adjustable cap.

Some people dislike this hat because it lacks variety as other brands. They prefer a colorful hat to the simple one. The design of this hat is not for those who like colorful things. It has a single color and a logo in front of the hat.

Pros Cons
Provides UV protection lacks a variety of colors

The Titleist ball marker

The Titleist ball marker

The new Titleist ball marker hat 2018 was one of the most popular hats in the year of 2018. This hat has become the best seller product of this reputable brand. During summer, it is often difficult for people to purchase this hat. At first glance, many people make a payment for this hat because they are curious about the marker.

This hat has a magnetic Titleist ball marker which is removable. Therefore, if you do want the marker in your hat, you can simply remove it yourself. Whether you stick or remove the marker, it will bring you a classic look. The Titleist ball marker hat is different from other types of hats because it is solid.

This hat fits well. However, it is a good idea for them to make an improvement on the brim which is located under the ball marker. This ball marker is usually discoloration which is slight. When it gets wet, it is impossible to put it back.


Pros Cons
This hat fits well. When it gets wet, it is impossible to put it back.
very solid hat  

The Nike golf – drift swoosh

golf hats

Nike is the most popular brand in the world. This reputable brand is responsible for manufacturing many accessories and clothes. Their products are mostly of a sportive style. Each product is carefully designed with the best materials. We can take the hat as a great example for this brand, especially the Nike golf dri fit swoosh perforated cap.

This cap has the maximum breath-ability because it has the Dri fit moisture management technology. Also, there are some perforated panels that are put into both the back and the mid of the hat. Another special quality of this hat is that it has contrast underbill which can help prevent you from sunlight.

Despite the popularity of this hat in the market, people should be aware of its size. If your hat is too small or large, you should not make a choice of the Nike golf dri fit swoosh perforated cap because it is not suitable for your head. Besides, because this hat is in white color, it needs to kept clean regularly.

Pros Cons
prevent you from sunlight Hard to maintain
Great design  

Nike men’s golf legacy 91

best golf hats

The next best hat in this cap called the Nike men’s golf legacy 91 tech adjustable hat. This hat has several colors, including 17 different colors. This hat has the dri fit fabrication with wicks perspiration. These wicks can make a great contribution to increase the proportion of the evaporation.

Some of the advantages of this hat are that the quality is perfect and it can fit snug. Furthermore, its price is good. If the hat is from Nike and it is authentic, you can use this hat for a long time without replacing it.

The only disadvantage of this hat is that they usually put the hat into an envelope and then, send it to the buyers. Because the envelope is too small for a hat, so it will be squished and its front part becomes bigger.

Pros Cons
Affordable Durability might be an issue
good quality hat  


With these hats being reviewed, I do hope that you will have a smart option. If you want to buy the best golf hats for men, you should focus your attention on all its features. Besides, to be away from the fake product, you should refer to the viewpoint of other people who bought it already.


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