Best Projectors for Golf Simulator 2024

Best Projectors for Golf Simulator

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List of the Best Projectors for Golf Simulator

Products Features Where to Buy
Optoma EH200ST HD Short Throw Projector

Projectors for Golf Simulator

  • a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1
  • DLP technology creates sharp, bright, and colorful images
  • an eco-friendly design
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BenQ MW632ST WXGA Short Throw Projector


BenQ MW632ST Projectors for Golf Simulator

  • a 1.5A USB Type-A output that you can use to charge various devices
  • HDMI and MHL connectivity
  • built-in 10W speakers
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Optoma EH412ST 1080p Short Throw Projector


Optoma Projectors for Golf Simulator

  • a 10-watt built-in speaker
  • automatic power-off when not in use
  • a 15,000-hour lamp life
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ViewSonic PS501X Short Throw Projector


Viewsonic Projectors for Golf Simulator

  • a high contrast ratio
  • HDMI Input & a powered USB A port
  • Built-in speaker
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BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Projector


BenQ TH671ST Projectors for simulator

  • 1080p performance
  • Vertical keystone
  • An HDMI wireless dongle
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ViewSonic PX800HD Ultra Short Throw Projector


viewsonic PX800 Projectors for golf simulator

  • SuperColor TruCinema Rec. 709 color accuracy
  • a 100,000:1 contrast ratio
  • full 1080p resolution
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LG HF85JA Projectors for golf simulator

  • 1500 lumens, contrast is 150,000:1
  • the resolution is 1920×1080
  • DLP1 display type
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Optoma HD27


Optoma HD27 Projectors for Golf Simulator

  • Throw ratio 3 1.48 – 1.62:1
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
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VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector


VAVA 4K simulator projectors

  • It offers 150 inches big-screen home theater
  • Presence of ALPD 3.0 Technology
  • Presence of 60W Harman Kardon Speakers
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Searching for the best projectors for a golf simulator can sometimes be an uphill task. So, to make it easy and straightforward for golfers who need a good projector for their simulators, we’ve highlighted below the 10 projectors for golf simulators.

These projectors are durable, easy to set up, and come with lots of other features. Having said that, let’s now take a look at the 10 best golf simulator projectors we’ve discovered for you below respectively.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in Projectors for Golf Simulator Before Buying

Resolution: This is the number or measure of pixels that the projector uses to make a picture. For example, on the off chance that one uses more pixels, the resolution will be higher, and in the event that one uses fewer pixels, at that point the resolution won’t be high.

Presently realizing this is significant on the grounds that it can show more intricate picture detail contrasted with low-resolution projectors.

Brightness: Picture brilliance is significant and adds to the general result of if the projector is successful. Both the projector’s light output and the screen’s benefit decide how splendid the whole picture looks.

Throw distance: The toss distance is the good way from the tip of the lens of the projector to the screen and this is exceptionally basic since it figures out where the projector sits. In this way, it is significant that one positions it well indeed.

Aspect Ratio: The viewpoint ratio is the proportion between a projector’s width and its height. It is exceptionally fundamental since it unmistakably gives you the sentiment of how square or rectangular a picture might be.

Lumens: This is basically the measure of light that is extended by a wellspring of light. They are a need on the grounds that the more lumens one produces the more brilliant and more clear the picture will be. The interesting display of a picture would be on a screen.

The 9 Best Golf Projectors for Golf Simulators

Optoma EH200ST HD Projector

Projectors for Golf Simulator


The Optoma EH200ST is perhaps the best projector for golf simulators. You see it included with a great deal of famous test system studios, for example, the SwingBay, and there’s a purpose behind that: it has high lumens for a brilliant picture, it has 3D support, you can mount it from a short distance away, and it gives full 1080p resolution.

Not only would you be able to utilize this for golf simulators, yet you can likewise utilize it for things like gatherings, instructional classes, lectures, and strict occasions.


The EH200ST has a 0.49:1 throw ratio. This viably implies that you can get a 100-inch picture with the projector set 3.5 feet from the simulator’s screen. It produces 3000 lumens.

This implies that you don’t need to play in the absolute dimness, and you can see a splendid picture even with some light in the room.

Different highlights include:

  • MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), which permits you to extend the display of your cell phone or tablet
  • BrilliantColor multicolor handling innovation for outstanding difference ratio.
  • genuine 3D help from sources like blu-beam players, game consoles, and broadcasts
  • The Optoma EH200ST projector accompanies:
  • Lens cap and conveying case
  • controller with batteries
  • AC power cord
  • client manual
  • brisk start card and guarantee card

The projector underpins HDMI availability, which permits you to effectively attach your PC, laptop, or other gadgets that are running the recreation software to the projector.

It very well may be mounted on the roof or on the floor. Individuals love the nature of the image and that it is so natural to set up and work.

Pros Cons
It can be mounted on the ceiling or on the floor Expensive
a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1

BenQ MW632ST WXGA Short Throw Projector

BenQ MW632ST Projectors for Golf Simulator

A ton of golf simulators proprietors have had extraordinary accomplishments with this BenQ projector model.

BenQ is a standout amongst other projector marks out there today. This short-throw projector conveys clear, fresh pictures at a WXGA (1200×800) resolution.


The MW632ST has a throw ratio of 0.9:1. This successfully implies that you can get an 87-inch picture with the projector put 1.36m away.

It produces 3200 lumens — considerably more than the Optoma model above. This implies that you can add a touch all the more light to your room and the picture will remain splendid.

Different highlights include:

  • Has a differentiation ratio of 13000:1 and a pixel fill factor for clear content and pictures
  • A vertical cornerstone work that adjusts the picture when the projector is set askew
  • Has a 1.5A USB Type-A output that you can use to charge different gadgets
  • HDMI and MHL network
  • Implicit 10W speakers
  • Full DLPR 3D help, which you can exploit with 3D glasses and a gadget that can deliver 3D substance, for example, a blu-beam player

Clients of the MW632ST love the lightweight, convey ability, fresh and brilliant picture that you can see from any vantage point.

Pros Cons
HDMI and MHL connectivity Pricey
full DLPR 3D support


Optoma EH412ST 1080p Short Throw Projector

Optoma Projectors for Golf Simulator

On the off chance that we needed to suggest another projector for golf simulators worked by Optoma, the profoundly evaluated EH412ST would be it.

More remarkable than the EH200ST inspected above (subsequently the higher number in the model), the EH412ST produces a great 4000 lumens — enough to where you don’t have to battle to get a brilliant picture even with a lot of surrounding lighting in the room.

The EH412ST likewise has the significant short-throw ability for golf simulators, just as some extra highlights intended to improve your experience much more.


The EH412ST has a throw ratio of 0.5:1, which is all that anyone could need for practically all short proximity golf simulator arrangements. A picture of 152 inches can be created from simply 5.5 feet away.

It has a high 4000 lumens and a noteworthy 50,000:1 differentiation ratio for clear, beautiful pictures. The projector can deliver full 1080p (1920 x 1080) pictures, however, it likewise underpins 4K UHD input sources.

Different highlights include:

  • An sRGB and Rec. 709 color profile, which can create soaked colors and is the norm for worldwide HDTV
  • MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) network for cell phones or tablets
  • Comes with a 10-watt internal speaker
  • Programmed power-off when not being used
  • Has a 15,000-hour light life that can a years ago without support

This is another Optoma projector model that you’ll generally discover remembered for the best simulator studio bundles, for example, the SIG10.

Clients of the EH412ST love the convenience, extraordinary brilliant picture, lightweight, and added highlights. Note that HDMI/VGA network and roof mounting are both conceivable with the unit.

Pros Cons
automatic power-off when not in use Pricey
an sRGB and Rec. 709 color profile

ViewSonic PS501X Short Throw Projector

Viewsonic Projectors for Golf Simulator

ViewSonic is another fantastic projector brand. The ViewSonic PS501X has all you require for your golf simulator at an incredible spending cost.

It has short throw capacities, a smooth white case, produces 3500 lumens for a brilliant picture, and has a local XGA 1024 x 768 resolution.


The PS501X has a throw ratio of 0.61, which permits huge pictures of your golf simulation to be extended in little rooms. It has a high 3500 lumens, which is extraordinary for getting a splendid picture without being in absolute haziness.

Different highlights include:

  • Exclusive SuperColor technology, which gives a wide shading range through unique light control and a 6-portion color wheel
  • A high differentiation ratio
  • HDMI Input and a fueled USB A port, which gives the capacity to remote HDMI dongles like Google Chromecast
  • Has a SuperEco highlight that broadens the light life by as long as 15,000 hours

Clients of the PS501X love the short throw abilities and the high picture quality. Simply remember that the resolution isn’t the best, and you won’t get much out of the internal speakers, yet for the cost, it’s magnificent.

Pros Cons
High image quality Low audio output
Affordable Poor resolution

BenQ TH671ST 1080p Short Throw Projector

BenQ TH671ST Projectors for simulator

This great BenQ model is ideal for gaming, however, its low input slack makes it ideal for golf simulators also.

The TH671ST short-throw projector may cost more than a portion of the models surveyed above, however, it conveys an exact color picture (92% Rec. 709) at full 1080p resolution.


The TH671ST has a throw proportion of 0.69-0.83, which implies you can extend a 100-inch picture from 5 feet away. Up to 300 inches can be anticipated.

It has 3000 lumens, which is the thing that we suggest for golf simulators projectors since it permits you to play with the overhead lights on.

Different highlights include:

  • Has an input slack of only 16.67ms, with a microsecond DMD reaction time, for almost no movement obscure or picture lag
  • 1.2x zoom
  • Has an implicit 5W sound system speaker
  • LumiExpert innovation, which effectively distinguishes encompassing light conditions and consequently changes brilliance to create the clearest picture
  • 1080p execution
  • vertical cornerstone, which revises the picture on account of askew projector position
  • An HDMI remote dongle

Clients of the TH671ST acclaim the astonishing picture quality (absence of “rainbow impact” and different inadequacies), an abundance of customization settings, advantageous arrangement, and in general execution.

Pros Cons
1080p performance Pricey
Easy to set up

ViewSonic PX800HD

viewsonic PX800 Projectors for golf simulator

This monster projector from ViewSonic does not just have a super-high contrast proportion, 1080p resolution, and low info latency, however, it’s named ultra-short throw, which implies you need even less good ways from the screen to get a full picture.

In the event that you need a very good quality projector with top-of-the-line specs, this is an incredible alternative to consider.


The PX800HD has a short throw ratio of 0.23, which implies that the projector can deliver a picture of up to 150″ in size just inches from the screen.

One disadvantage is that it has just 2000 lumens, which is the base that we’d suggest for golf simulators arrangements. In any case, it’s as yet useful.

Different highlights include:

  • Has an info latency of 16ms
  • SuperColor TruCinema Rec. 709 color precision, which gives you the similar color you would just expect at the film
  • Has a 100,000:1 difference ratio
  • Full 1080p resolution

Clients acclaim the fresh, clear, beautiful picture, yet more than that, they love the amazing ultra-short-throw ability. The back edge of the projector can contact the screen and still produce a picture bigger than 70″.

Pros Cons
full 1080p resolution Expensive
powerful ultra short throw


LG HF85JA Projectors for golf simulator

Its fan noise is low in typical mode and is made of low and medium frequencies that are not diverting by any means.

Also, notwithstanding it being low in ordinary mode, Eco mode brings it down to noise with a 25 percent decrease in splendor. It has not many highlights yet goody gumdrops it’s a prize. It is excellent.

This one has been normally intended to deliver huge and tremendous pictures from a little bundle and it can extend effortlessly pictures up to 100” in size.

Also, it has a noteworthy resolution which implies that pictures will consistently be clear. that isn’t all it has a proportion of 150,000:1 which suggests that this projector can show excellent detail in all pictures.

It has smooth picture quality and over 81percent brilliance consistency which is extraordinary. It has a satisfying and adequate difference for dull room seeing.

Additionally, it has more than four picture modes accessible, despite the fact that picture changes are inconspicuous between most modes, the film mode certainly gives the picture a truly pleasurable theater-like insight.


Projector size 7.50”x5.50”x13.90”, weight is 6.6 lbs. Video modes 720p,1080i ,1080p/60,480p, information modes are MAX 1920×1080, light life is 20,000 hours, light sort is laser phosphor, has a fixed central length and std. lens. Speakers are 3.0Wx2, max power is 140 watts, voltage is 100 V – 240 V.


1500 lumens, contrast is 150,000:1, the resolution is 1920×1080, the local angle proportion is 16:9 HD, shading handling 8-digit.

It has a presentation kind of DLP 1. discernible noise is 30.0Db/26.0Db with an advanced cornerstone of level and vertical.

Pros Cons
It has automatic vertical digital keystone correction quality of the speaker is not very high
It has wireless connectivity options that make it easy to connect with other devices quickly It has very lower lumens of around 1500

Optoma HD27

Optoma HD27 Projectors for Golf Simulator

It is glitz and simple to introduce. It isn’t simply the best for simulators yet additionally for films with its extraordinary picture quality. Likewise, it can transform your home venue into an exceptionally big screen like that of a film.

It has dynamic shadings that leave you puzzled. Also, it has an entirely convenient size and marvelous long light life and it finishes that vibe in your home with its 10W speaker.

The HD27 is probably the best projector for gamers who like playing every one of their games on a big screen, it has video similarities of both 1080i and 720p, with these great video resolutions you will definitely appreciate the splendid and perfectly clear picture.

Likewise, this projector is incredible for survey HDTV programs, new Blu-ray films, and all significant game alliances.

It can create clear and exceptionally definite visuals in this manner making your experience entirely noteworthy. with its lovely availability perspective, you positively need this.


This Optoma HD27 is a serious 1080p Home Theater Projector wearing 3200 lumens, 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution, 1.1x Zoom, sRGB upholds, and 25000:1 difference ratio. Info Lag (MS)- 33.

Working Conditions – 5 degrees Celsius – 40 degrees Celsius, Max. Dampness 85 percent, Max. Height 3000 meters.


Throw proportion 3 1.48 – 1.62:1 its Brightness: 3200 ANSI Lumens. Difference Ratio is 25,000:1; with Keystone Correction, Warranty: 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor, 90-Days on Lamp. Lightweight and convenient.

Pros Cons
It has a mono speaker that is integrated The speaker quality could have been better
It is able to give you 8,000 hours of lamp life


The VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theater Projector is an ultra-short throw projector that projects 100 inches pictures just 7.2 inches from your wall.

The reduced plan and the slick form make it a magnificent space-sparing contraption for your office and home.

It offers you the capacity to change the projections between 80-150 inches on the fly and along these lines offers you a mysterious review experience directly from your love seat.

The presence of a 4K resolution with HDR 10 would be a joy to your eyes with a more profound and distinctive difference and more full immersion.

Shaper symbolism is the thing that you will experience in this one because of 3000: 1 local differentiation. In easier terms, it gives a sensible picture viewing experience in a way that is better than the cinemas.

It’s also an ideal projector for the golf simulator too.

The presence of 2500 ANSI lumens of splendor is joined with a best-in-class picture, upgrading the shading execution conveyance as long as 25,000 hours of upkeep-free tasks.

Alongside these, the item is furnished with ALPD 3.0 craftsmanship innovation. Get hypnotized with the implicit sound system encompass speakers, which furnish high-devotion sound encounters with 60W power.

Pros Cons
It offers 150 inches big-screen home theater Expensive
Presence of Wide Color Gamut

Test Process

Time and resources were put into researching the best projectors for golf simulators in the market. Before making our final selection of the best projectors, serval golf simulator projectors were considered and tested.

They were properly reviewed, screened and lots of user reviews online (both positive and negative) were used as part of the ranking process.

All of these results add up to what makes this list of the best projectors for golf simulators you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size room do you need for a golf simulator?

The minimum space required to set up most golf simulators is 10’W x 10’L x 8.5’H. Things like player height and a careful distance can factor into how much space is required.

If you are a more limited player, then you might have the option to pull off a marginally more limited roof.

Where do you put a projector on a golf simulator?

You need a projector mounted far enough away from your swing zone so you don’t hit it with the club or ball. You additionally need to evade shadows by not mounting them straightforwardly behind you.

What is a short-throw projector?

Short-throw projection generally alludes to a separation between 3 to 8 feet away from projector to screen. Super short throw projection refers to a separation between 0 to 4 feet away from projector to screen.


Unlike before, projectors for golf simulators are now more accessible, and this is great for golfers who love to practice golf indoors.

If you’ve read this post, it implies you’re searching for the best projectors for golf simulators and perhaps you’re ready to buy.

If that be the case, ensure you check out the features, pros, and cons of your preferred choice before purchasing.

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