Callaway Chrome Soft X Balls Review

Callaway Chrome Soft X Balls Review

Callaway Chrome Soft x balls are one of the most popular soft golf balls on the market today. While Callaway has long been a name that you can trust to provide you with a great golf ball, the Chrome Soft is their best-selling golf ball. This is the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball review and you can find out why it’s the best.

CALLAWAY CHROME SOFT X Balls: Key technology

  • Graphene reinforces the thinner, firmer outer core for better durability and more wedge spin, while a 34 percent bigger core causes a higher launch and lower spin. 
  • On full shots, a thinner urethane cover promotes increased ball speed and lower spin, while maintaining high spin and a soft feel on the green. 
  • Also available in a firmer feeling Chrome Soft x and with or without a Triple Track alignment system.


Callaway Chrome Soft X Balls Review

The Callaway Chrome Soft X is perhaps one of golf’s most ambiguously branded products. Measured at 95 compressions on our gauge, it is significantly firmer than the Chrome Soft (75 compressions) and significantly firmer than the 41 compressions of the Callaway SuperSoft.

From top to bottom, that is 54 compression points. The Chrome Soft X offers slightly firmer compression than average even within the Tour ball category. Chrome Soft X is by no reasonable metric a soft golf ball. I have said that countless times.

Again, it is what it is.

CALLAWAY CHROME SOFT X: Weight and Diameter

  • In our test sample, one ball exceeded the 1.620-ounce limit set by the USGA.
  • There was also one ball in the sample that did not meet our roundness standard.
  • Despite a few balls flirting with the gauge, none failed the USGA’s minimum diameter test.

A ball that doesn’t conform to the letter of the USGA rule is never good, but it would not be enough to disqualify the sample. In spite of the fact that it isn’t perfect, having two balls that don’t meet weight and roundness requirements isn’t bad.


  • Concentration and Centeredness: Approximately 75 percent of the balls in the sample had some degree of core centeredness and/or layer concentricity issue, but most cases were minor. The most common were inconsistent thicknesses and small layer incursions. These occurred mostly in the outer mantle layer. Across most brands, minor imperfections that are unlikely to affect performance are common.
  • We did not find any of the eye-popping disasters found in the previous generation, even though eight percent of the balls tested had defects significant enough to flag them as bad.
  • Core Consistency: The color consistency was fairly consistent. Several balls were paler than the rest, but not significantly so to suggest a serious problem. Overall, the balls were clean. We didn’t find any miscellaneous chunks or anything else that seemed unusual.
  • Cover: The Chrome Soft X covers were excellent. There were no visible defects in the sample, and the thickness was generally uniform.


Here we examine the consistency of the Callaway Chrome Soft X. It’s a measure of how similar the balls in our sample are to one another, compared to all of the other models we’ve tested.

  • Weight Consistency: Our Callaway Chrome Soft X sample showed average weight consistency.
  • Diameter Consistency: In comparison to the other balls in our database, the consistency of diameter also fell within the average range.
  • Compression Consistency: Across the sample, compression consistency was also average.

Across the three compression points measured, a single ball showed significant variation. Cutting it open revealed a large layer incursion which is the most likely explanation.

Pros and Cons

Improved durability and consistency. Some people may not like the soft feel
Long off the tee, but provides excellent control on the greens with irons and wedges.


Having tested Callaway’s Chrome Softball for 2022, we can attest to the fact that it ticks all the boxes for tour-caliber balls.

The ball flight was strong and stable off the tee, helping to maximize distance and accuracy in crosswinds. In terms of total yardage, it was similar to our current tour ball and we’re also confident that it’s slightly longer than the previous one.

In the greens, well-hit short irons stopped to attention, allowing you to play aggressively. Chrome Soft x is an equally impressive alternative for those seeking a slightly firmer feel. This ball, along with the Srixon Z-Star, is one of the softest-feeling, tour-played offerings on the market, which won’t be to everyone’s taste.

When chipping and putting, the soft feel creates a slightly more muffled sound, but it doesn’t jump off the face uncontrollably. As a matter of fact, the ball’s speed matched other balls in its category.

With an Odyssey Triple Track putter, the Triple Track option is particularly effective, but it also works well without it if you are seeking alignment assistance on the greens or even off the tee.

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