Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X Ball Review

Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X Ball Review.

If you’ve been following our review of Mizuno golf balls, you know that we’ve been looking at the RB Tour and the RB Tour X golf ball. In this post, we’re going to compare the two and give you our thoughts on what we’ve seen.

The Mizuno RB Tour is a hybrid golf ball. It’s designed to be a premium performance ball that delivers distance and spin for all levels of golfers.

The RB Tour X is a golf ball that’s meant to be more forgiving for the player. It’s designed to be a premium performance ball that delivers distance and spin for all levels of golfers.

Haven said now let’s get to know their difference and similarities;

Mizuno RB Tour Mizuno RB Tour X
Very Soft Feel Soft Feel
Low Driver Spin Mid-Low Driver Spin
360 C-Dimple Technology 360 C-Dimple Technology
Urethane Cover Urethane Cover

Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X Ball Review: Key Technology

Mizuno’s RB Tour and RB Tour X feature a lot of technology from 12 years of research and development. There are two versions of the RB Tour, both built with a urethane cover, high-energy ionomer layer, and dual-core made of Butadiene rubber.

C-Dimple technology is perhaps the most interesting feature of the ball. They are conical dimples with flat bottoms that reduce drag by allowing fast air to stay near the ball’s surface for a longer period of time. A reduced drag will also result in a more stable trajectory regardless of weather conditions.

Mizuno RB Tour Mizuno RB Tour X
Four-Piece Construction Four-Piece Construction
Butadiene Rubber Dual-Core Butadiene Rubber Dual-Core
High-Energy Ionomer Layer High-Energy Ionomer Layer

Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X Ball Review: Testing

Mizuno RB Tour and RB Tour X Ball Review

When I first heard about this ball, I was eager to give it a try. I was sent two balls from our rep to try, and my first impression was not impressive. It didn’t make sense at first.

I liked how soft the cover was, but it didn’t look like the other Tour-level balls I’ve seen. All we had to do was hit a few chip shots in the office and see how it compared to a Pro V1, an NXT Tour, and a range ball.

Upon testing all three balls, I was able to determine that the Mizuno felt and sounded the closest to the Pro V1. Here’s the chance to see how it performs on the course.

It was more stable in the wind

Both in Seattle before the snow and on vacation in California, I used the Mizuno RB Tour balls. My most memorable shot while testing the RB Tour X was a drive on the Par-5 8th at Angeles National.

About 325 yards from the tee, there is a pond on the left and a series of unplayable native areas on the right, which were blowing about 10 mph from the left and slightly from the rear. The ball landed in the middle of the fairway after a monster 315-yard drive from me.

Although the distance was impressive, what was even more impressive was how the ball held its line through the wind. With the Mizuno RB Tour, I wouldn’t even consider the wind when calculating my shot equation.

Exceptional control around the greens

My testing of the RB Tour golf balls has pointed in the right direction, but how did the ball perform around greens?

The atmosphere around the greens was impressive. In order for them to check on the Bermuda greens, I hit chip shots with enough spin and back a ball up with a full wedge swing.

As with the previous golf balls, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. This is a great offering for players of all skill levels.

Finally, here are my thoughts

Mizuno finally brought a ball to the U.S. market after many years of research and development. Mizuno’s quality was not in doubt even though I had my initial doubts due to the visual appearance.

Although I’m not sure how many players will rush to switch from their current Tour-level gamer, I recommend giving these a shot if you’re not married to one ball.

This golf ball feels good and flies well. Balls of this caliber should react the way they did. I preferred the RB Tour X because it was slightly firmer, but when it came down to it, they were comparable.

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