Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

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Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

I’m a fan of Srixon, and if you’ve read my previous articles, you’ll know that I’ve used their golf balls for a while. The Z-Star is Srixon’s most popular offering, and it’s a very good ball. With all the hype surrounding the Z-Star, I wanted to get a feel for it and find out what the golfers at the shop thought. I wanted to see if it was the best value for the money and if it really was the best ball.

The Srixon Z-Star is a distance driver that delivers great distance with solid consistency. It’s not the most forgiving ball, but it can be had for a relatively low price.

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball: Review

The Z-Star is a distance driver that has been Srixon’s best-selling ball for a while. It’s a great ball that is built for distance. It’s one of the balls that comes to mind when you think of “big” golf balls. The Srixon Z-Star is a distance driver that delivers great distance with solid consistency. It’s not the most forgiving ball, but it can be had for a relatively low price.

Srixon says the Z-Star is the most accurate ball on the market. It’s a great ball for golfers who want to take their game to the next level. The Z-Star is a must-have for golfers who want to improve their game, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

This is Srixon’s Z-Star’s key technology

  • New FastLayer Core: Provides high-speed players with exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed to maximize distance.
  • New Spin Skin with SeRM: The Spin Skin with SeRM, a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds, has been incorporated into a thicker thermoplastic urethane cover. The deep grooves on wedges and irons maximize spin for more control and more stopping power.
  • New 338 Speed Dimple Pattern: Fly straight even in the most challenging wind conditions with less drag and more lift.

What is the difference between the Srixon Z-Star and Srixon Z-Star XV golf balls?

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Those who prefer maximum spin (Z-Star) or maximum distance (Z-Star XV) can choose either of the premium golf balls.

Compared to the dual-core Z-Star XV, the three-layer Z-Star feels softer and is designed for mid-height flight instead of mid-high flight.

In order to gain even greater control around the greens, the Z-Star spins more than the XV and has a thicker urethane cover that has been increased by 0.1mm from previous generations.

Despite the Z-Star still being long, the XV is designed with a newly-formulated inner core that adds resiliency to create even more ball speed.

Srixon’s assessment of the seventh-generation Z-Star series

Srixon’s European Product Manager, Joe Miller, says the Z-STAR Series is equipped with a Spin Skin coating enhanced with SeRM, a highly flexible material.

Srixon has never combined so many technologies in one golf ball, resulting in more friction around the green for a greater spin.

“The new Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls are made specifically for better players and have advanced technology to improve performance from tee to green.

“The XV is played by some of the longest hitters on professional tours all over the world, and this new generation comes with a reformulated inner core that adds even more distance.

With its soft urethane cover and Spin Skin coating, the new Z-Star produces the highest green-side spin of any ball in our line-up.

“Z-Star and Z-Star XV are the ideal choices for those who demand the very best performance.”

It is one of the best value premium golf balls in all departments The ball cannot be launched higher by golfers with low ball flights


Srixon’s outstanding premium ball produces a penetrating ball flight on long shots, as well as excellent braking power on the greens.

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