Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Daniel

After a little more than a year of ownership, I am still playing with the Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood. I like the Epic, especially for what I use it for – fairway woods.

The Epic is a mid-level driver, and the best I have found for that role. The Epic is easy to hit, has plenty of forgiveness, and has a nice, deep, smooth feel. I have been playing these for about two years, and have been very satisfied. The Epic is definitely not a driver that I can use from any distance, but it is a good option for fairways and roughs up to about 60 yards. I have been using the Epic with a slightly larger head size than I should have – it has been a great match for my height and swing speed.

The Epic is not a stiff driver, but it is plenty stiff enough to allow me to swing a little harder. I like the Epic because it is easy to hit, has a good feel, and is easy to play with.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood: Design

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Woods

One of the most visually appealing fairway woods I have seen this year is the Epic Flash.  At address, the head has an exquisitely balanced roundness that sets itself squarely on the ground.  Carbon fiber weave appears in the back third of the gloss black crown when it catches the light.  A subtle chevron indicates the ideal strike axis, while green and yellow pinstripes enliven the trailing edge.

A single-weight port can be found on the sole, as well as the exposed ends of the Jailbreak pillars.  There is an elaborate etching on the face of the Epic Flash that looks like a diagram for a space station docking port.

Combined with the matching green Align grip, the Epic Flash Fairway Wood completes a spectacular appearance.  Don’t forget about the high-end, customized headcover.

Sound & Feel

The Epic Flash Fairway’s forged 455 carpenter steel face produces a moderate volume, crisp metallic “dink” that is fairly consistent across the face.  I experienced a bit more purity after hitting one flush.  With the exception of the classic heavy heel strike, the impact was solid with minimal feedback.

Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood: Performance

epic flash wood

As I got to know the Epic Flash Fairway on one of those perfect “winter” afternoons in Central Florida where the ball popped against the blue sky, I was eager to sit down in front of the launch monitor at Club Champion.  I was delighted to see the tracking line mimic the mid-trajectory ball flight I’d seen outside.  Despite knowing the club was forgiving, seeing the landings hug the projected centerline was impressive.

According to the launch monitor data, the Epic Flash Fairway is quite forgiving across the board.  As I noticed my swing speed was down a bit, I grabbed my gamer to compare the figures side-by-side.  In comparison to my gamer, the Epic Flash had a couple more MPH of ball speed while maintaining my gamer’s spin – in line with Callaway’s Flash Face and Jailbreak technologies claims.

Epic Flash Fairways are offered in seven lofts, ranging from a strong 3 to an 11 wood.  The three premium stock shafts are available in six weight classes. Mine is the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 60.   The choice is yours.  To further fine-tune your club setup, the new OptiFit hosel allows you to adjust the loft and lie.  It is not as obvious that the lighter OptiFit also allowed Callaway designers to reposition the center of gravity for easier launch, something I appreciated when I was hitting out of thick grass.

Callaway Epic Flash fairway wood features and benefits

  • Faster ball speed with Flash Face Technology

In an effort to promote increased ball speed for longer distances, Callaway engineers applied the learnings from Artificial Intelligence to the design of a new fairway wood face.

  • Carpenter steel face cup for fast speed

By combining Carpenter steel with Face Cup technology, this bat delivers fast ball speed across the face to increase distance on center- and off-center hits.

  • Fast Ball Speed With Jailbreak Technology

The Jailbreak tech has two internal bars which stiffen the body, placing more impact load on the face for faster ball speeds.

  • A new OptiFit hosel for optimal flight and easy launch

Using a shorter, lighter hosel system, Callaway has repositioned the center of gravity for easier launch and high, long-distance flight.


It is not uncommon for folks to want to hit my Callaway Epic Flash Fairway whenever a new club appears on the driving range.  No matter how fast or how far the swing went, the results were the same – excellent ball flight and excellent forgiveness.  The Epic Flash Fairway offers performance for golfers of all swing types, whether in the bag or in your hands.

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