FootJoy Tour X Shoe Review

In recent months, you may have seen me demonstrate a new shoe from FootJoy. By now, you should know it was the latest cleated performance shoe from FootJoy, the Tour X. It’s because I like it a lot that I wear it a lot.

The Tour S was an excellent shoe but coming in at over £200 initially, players were unwilling to experience the benefits of the comfort it offered. By being more comfortable and looking more modern, Tour X makes up for the shortfalls of Tour S, including the price.

There is probably no better-cleated performance golf shoe than this one from FootJoy. In abundance, it provides the lateral stability golfers need to establish a firm connection with the ground. The swing was powerful and controlled, allowing us to move freely and without fear of slipping no matter where we were.

FootJoy Tour X Shoe Review: Key technology

foot joy tour x golf shoes

With the TPU PowerPlate outsole, nine Launch Pods are placed wider for enhanced perimeter stability. Nine cleats and a Launch Pod are also located on the sides.

Additionally, support is provided by the PowerStrap spanning the midfoot. You can further increase the snugness and security of the shoe by pulling your laces tighter.

The two layers of a FitBed from Ortholite provide energy return while gradually conforming to the shape of the foot over time.

FootJoy Tour X Shoe Review: Performance

Our gear testers had the chance to test the FootJoy Tour X shoe

Although underfoot it feels similar to Fury, which is evident when walking between shots. Additionally, the tongue is much softer, thicker, and much better suited for being worn on top of the foot, thanks to the elasticized strap which adds flexibility.

Moreover, FootJoy has managed to strike the right balance between technology that will keep your feet well supported throughout your run, and eye-catching colors that don’t overwhelm. According to us, Tour X has a more premium and modern appearance than Tour S.footjoy tour x golf shoes

Despite the limited color selection, the neutral main colors ensure that Tour X can be paired with multiple outfits. With a clean, white toe section and see-through Launch Pods, the toe section is pleasing to look down upon.

Pros Cons
The Tour X ticks every box with its five-star rating, but it also provides excellent stability and grip with ample comfort. There are a limited number of color options available.

Final judgment

This golf shoe offers exceptional comfort as well as excellent performance. Count on them for your club championships as they won’t let you down.

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