Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review.

Callaway’s new Mavrik Driver is a blend of the DS (driver stability) and DG (driver distance) technologies. The driver also features a nine-position adjustable hosel for customizing loft, face angle, and lie angle to calibrate the club to your swing, as well as an adjustable faceplate with a 1° increment of upswing available.

Callaway Mavrik driver: Key Features

Cyclone aero shape

Mavrik is truly elusive with regard to air execution. The broad bottom dislodges less air, particularly in the last three feet before impact. It lessens haul by 61% over the Epic Flash, which was viewed as a streamlined driver

AI acoustics

Callaway’s new supercomputer has been put to acceptable work and with Mavrik it was released on the acoustics, as well. The PC was entrusted with working on strong for every one of the three new models. Furthermore, on the grounds that Callaway’s designers requested that it dial into known “satisfying” sound frequencies, the new model sounds more like an iron.

Unconventional forgiveness

Disregard all that you’ve been told about high MOI meaning more absolution. Callaway says that by permitting a PC to design each Mavrik face separately, they dial downturn variety which gives the impact of a higher MOI. Mavrik has a lower MOI than Epic Flash yet incredibly is 13% more precise.

Three models, three shapes

The standard Mavrik is the quickest shape; the head is an altogether different twister air shape, which produces mid-turn with a moderate draw predisposition. It’s for everybody, from visit players to mid handicappers. Max is the simplest dispatching model with the most noteworthy MOI and most draw inclination. Freezing has a more customary lower-tail plan as the golf players it’s focused on don’t need clubhead speed.

The Test

I took the standard Mavrik and Mavrik Sub Zero models to Stockport Golf Club to test them on the course, off the tee, straightforwardly against one another. I then, at that point headed inside to The Range Manchester to think about the two clubs against one another close by my own driver using Foresight Sports innovation. I need to check whether the Callaway cases of “distance that challenges show” are demonstrated in the numbers and execution I created.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero Driver Review


Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

The Mavrik Sub Zero has a customary crown with a straightforward dark, gleaming structure with some carbon fiber appearing towards the rear of the head. I’m utilized to a matte completion, so seeing my appearance in the crown when remained over the ball took some becoming accustomed to, however, this is just a little point. The champion consumed orange color makes me think about the old TaylorMade Burners instead of conventional Callaway.

However, aside from the entirety of the advertising, you will see around the Mavrik range, the color is just huge on the sole and toe of the club. To get around the potential colorway issues, Callaway additionally now offers diverse customization alternatives so you can separately make your own design for £60 by means of the Callaway customs site.

The head is 450cc so more modest and somewhat more bent than different models, it additionally sits more unbiased at address. This head gave me extraordinary certainty peering down at the ball and I love the way that Callaway has a ton of innovation inside the head however its outside is so straightforward. Smartest possible solution if you were to ask me.


This felt speedy and solid off the face – it’s perhaps the most blazing driver I have at any point hit. One of the negative pieces of input that Epic Flash experienced was the noise. One of my customers portrayed it’s anything but a pot. This noise has improved however I actually think there is work to be done to get it to great.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review


Cosmetically, the standard Mavrik head is a similar shading and plan as the Sub Zero with some slight detail changes on the sole. It’s is 460cc and extends longer towards the rear of the head.

The draw inclination is practically inconsequential at address, I wouldn’t consider it an attract predisposition frankly with you, and most golf players will not see it. It’s anything but an exceptionally basic, present-day, gorgeous head to peer down at.


The Mavrik driver had a sense of security, I simply didn’t feel that I could hit it disconnected. It wasn’t exactly as hot-feeling as the Sub Zero model however who cares when you are in such safe hands with a generous face. Remaining over the ball with this driver, I truly felt as though I was unable to miss. Would you be able to offer a driver a higher commendation?

Performance Indoors

Callaway has delivered two drivers for 2020 which do as is commonly said, as far as Mavrik Sub Zero contrasted with Mavrik. The flight was lower with lower turn numbers when hitting the Sub Zero. When contrasting the Mavrik drivers with my own driver, the clubhead speed was barely up yet the ball speed was for all intents and purposes something very similar. What’s not on there is the manner by which precise the Mavrik driver was in distance, never hitting it longer than 227 yards or more limited than 221 yards in 10 shots.

Although, this makes not stand out as truly newsworthy as far as colossal convey numbers, that sort of distance scattering is great. The deviation again was astounding, close to the same as my own driver which I am custom fitted for. Once more, I felt that I was unable to quit hitting it straight which is an extraordinary spot to be. With the Sub Zero, be that as it may, I truly felt as though I could extract a smidgen more from it on the off chance that I required.

In spite of the fact that it’s difficult to demonstrate that this is down to the A.I. innovation, the hotness of the Flash Face was plain to check whether I hit a decent one out of the screws with the Sub Zero. At 244 yards, I had genuine certainty knowing there was an extremely lengthy drive in my sack whenever required. By and large, I saw a 5 yard acquire when utilizing the Sub Zero model over both different clubs (standard Mavrik and my own driver) during indoor testing on GC2.

This may not seem like an excess of yardage yet a large portion of a club is entirely impressive and ought to be observed. Considering I didn’t test the driver utilizing the shaft I would typically utilize, these numbers were noteworthy. I couldn’t want anything more than to discover what I could escape the driver on the off chance that I went for a full Callaway custom fitting meeting with the Mavrik.

Performance On The Course

Considering the British, January conditions I tried the Mavrik drivers in – cold temperatures, wet fairways, and solid virus twist at Stockport Golf Club – I was anticipating that the Sub Zero should perform better into the breeze with its lower and ideally seriously infiltrating ball flight – and it did exactly that. JUST…. going 2 feet further.

The trip of the Mavrik standard was higher yet it didn’t appear to influence its distance, which is an or more point for the Mavrik – except if obviously, you’re a golf player who battles with an expanding ball trip now and again.

I likewise figured out how to shape the two clubs effectively with a draw and blur. It appeared to be odd seeing a higher ball trip to what in particular I’m utilized to, however, hello it was working! Perhaps high flight, low twist, and more distance can be a thing in my game after all?


Callaway has by and by coming out with an extraordinary driver, that’s all there is to it. Considering the last driver they brought to advertise was the incredibly fruitful Epic Flash, this lone makes the Mavrik that digit more noteworthy as they’ve figured out how to enhance what a ton of golf players thought was flawlessness.

They have demonstrated all that they have guaranteed however I would say just imperceptibly. In any case, success is a success. Both norm and Sub Zero models gloat customary heads with a crazy measure of innovation through A.I. stowed away inside – doing all the difficult work for us golf players.

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