The shaft of a golf club is the long, tapered tube that connects the golfer’s hands to the clubhead. While hundreds of different designs exist, the primary purpose of the golf shaft remains the same: to provide the player with a way to generate centrifugal force in order to effectively strike the ball-Wikipedia. For this reason, we’ve researched, tested, and verified 10 different golf shafts that are currently the best in the market.

So, if you’re looking for the best golf shafts, you just found the right place. However, before buying, we recommend you take a look at what you need to consider before buying golf shaft.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Shafts

LENGTH: It is imperative to understand that the length (recorded on each pole) is the crude length (shaft butt to shaft tip). When building and introducing the club-head and grip, it will make a more drawn-out absolute club length, or playing length, when every one of the pieces is together.

The genuine playing length of the vast majority of these poles will be roughly 1 ¼” to 1 ½” longer (changing on clubhead) than the crude shaft length. For instance, a 43 1/2″ haul out will fabricate a 45″ club (Driver length), and a 41 1/2″ haul out would assemble a 43″ club (3-wood length).

To realize what your club length ought to be, look into your clubs’ particulars from the producer’s site to discover your clubs’ proper length.

TIP SIZE: It is imperative to take note of the tip distance across the pole you are looking for. Each pole in the Spargo Golf Inventory records shaft tip distance across. A large number of the present Drivers use either .335″ or .350″ tip measurement shafts.

It is vital you select the right tip. In a perfect world, you need a .335″ tip in a .335″ hosel only, and a .350″ tip in a .350″ hosel as it were. A .335″ tip can fit in a .350″ hosel by utilizing a metal shim, yet a .350″ won’t fit in a .335″. To realize what your tip size ought to be, look into your clubs particularly from the producer’s site to discover your clubs’ fitting tip size.

Best Golf Shafts Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
New Integra SoooLong Ultralite 45 g Graphite Shaft

new integra golf shaft


Lightweight and Durable Get it on Amazon
Pro Taylor Fit Nano

pro taylor fit golf shaft


Good stiffness and Consistency Get it on Amazon
Accuflex Vizion Ultralite White 55g Golf wood shaft

accurflex golf shaft


Flexible and Lightweight Get it on Amazon
True Temper DG

ture temper golf shaft


Durable and suitable for all golf wedges Get it on Amazon
Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Driver shaft

aldila golf shaft


lightweight Get it on Amazon
Rifle Project X 5.5

project x5.5


well-designed and lightweight Get it on Amazon
Accra New Tour Z shaft

Accra new tour golf shaft


Provides a better feel and control Get it on Amazon
Project X Hzrdus Black

project x

Lightweight Get it on Amazon
Mitsubishi Fubuki


Mitsubishi golf shaft

Very durable Get it on Amazon
Grafalloy ProLaunch 65



Offers better control Get it on Amazon

Best Golf Club Shafts

New Integra SoooLong Ultralite 45 g Graphite Golf Shafts

new integra golf shaft


Completely secured with Aldila shaft guarantee when you obtain this pole. One-year guarantee of a deformity in materials or workmanship in typical use. The new Integra sooolong is something like a kid from an acclaimed organization ‘Ping’, this pole has indicated its capacity at its outset.
It is a comfortable face with golf players, who appreciate Ping. From G400, PING G, and G30, Ultralite graphite can fit superbly. Utilizing “Climbing Weight Technology”, can expand clubhead speed and precision. The light is diminished in the long iron making consistent hits. Possibly you have felt that no one but experts can deal with hard deceives like high swing pace or high turn players.
This can be a simple issue to fathom with Graphite Shaft when it has a decent shaft hub in imposing a business model, Alta CB RED 55. Despite the fact that it can cause the ball to go further and higher, regardless it brings enough dependability and reliable feel.
The standard of this innovation is to enable the pole to focus center in a higher position. Hence the power can be effectively transmitted as far as possible to the club for the best hits.
Pros Cons
New technology a bit expensive
Higher speed and accuracy

Accuflex Vizion Ultralite White 55g Golf wood shafts

accurflex golf shaft


At 55 grams, the Vizion is the lightest shaft of the AccuFlex ” Clb Builders” arrangement. Be that as it may, it claims an amazing potential. It can assist people with increasing twenty to thirty yards out there when they swing.

With that, it makes the ideal lightweight wood composite shaft for golf players that need to practice their swing and increase their speed and force.

Besides, it has such an assortment of flex decisions. Thus, it can fit with various golf drives and quality clubs.

Pros Cons
5 flexibility models One-color choice
Only weighs about 55g Wood can break if not taken care of

Best Golf Shafts in Durability

Pro Taylor Fit Nano

pro taylor fit golf shaft


ProMade Irons gives a solid tip area to ideal dispatch and turn control, with an exceptionally firm butt segment for an unbelievably steady feel, while the inside segment of the pole is milder to give a remarkable kick-through effect to boost ball speed. Taylor has consistently been a specialist in a golf network.
Creating an assortment of items that overwhelm golf players, Taylor, however, makes it. With regard to the nature of a pole, it is an issue of materials. This pole has 65g of Graphite, which positively affects the manner in which golf players play. This golf shaft includes a special composite development and creative shaft flex profile for the most extreme distance and speed.
ProMade Iron Technology positions the examples to streamline the presentation qualities of the pole. This gives a segment tip solidness to ideal dispatch and turns control. It brings an unfathomable sentiment of security, with the firm butt area. With its mid-low curve point and low torque, tip solidness delivers the ideal dispatch edge and ball turn.
Pros Cons
Very durable and withstand the test of time can be a bit stiff
Maximum Ball spin and launch angle

True Temper DG

ture temper golf shaft


The wedge is another factor that makes genuine Temper DG an ideal decision for wedges ever. The makers add expanded revolutions to the pole. This implies you can all the more likely control the golf ball just as the turn.

DG has an agreeable structure of lightweight materials that bring a casual inclination when you are playing. As indicated by True Temper, the DG PRO offers golf players a “dynamic enhanced pinnacle direction from long irons to short irons.”

There is a fascinating structure with regards to this pole, “double steps”. These double advances differ in the area from shaft to shaft. The DG enables you to hit the ball straight and still get some air under it. It demonstrates the capacity to get more height on long irons.

Pros Cons
Lightweight but firm Can be used only with wedges
Suitable for all wedges

Mitsubishi Fubuki

Mitsubishi golf shaft


The Mitsubishi is a standout amongst other planned graphite material shafts that are expertly created for ordinary golf execution.

The gentler tip of Fubuki is a higher dispatch to the new structure. It is an ideal decision for golf players searching for a higher fairway while holding the vibe and control of the firm mid shaft.

The profiles of the Fubuki are steady from the weight-to-weight and flex-to-flex. The butt torque ranges from 4.1 in the 50R to 2.6 in the 80X. Especially, this pole is steady for all smooth and energy proficient swings. It brings adjust for a progressively quickened incredible swing.

Pros Cons
High durability and consistency Extra stuff flexibility
Higher launch fairway and smooth swings

Best Golf Shafts in Design

Rifle Project X 5.5

project x5.5


Not at all like the poles that we presented over, this is a lot of 8 shafts that differ long for most extreme help, solace, and assortment. These poles are reasonable for a 3-iron or a pitching wedge.

The principal material is iron, the nature of structure and master craftsmanship is exceptionally advantageous.

You can pick the size just as the heaviness of shafts you need with these 8 shafts. It will assist you with performance with mid to low flex points and better control.

In addition, the closer shots to the green are not increasingly troublesome with these poles.

Pros Cons
Quality design Lower trajectory
Customize the options Must be in the set

Accra New Tour Z shaft

Accra new tour golf shaft


This sounds new, yet the pole will flabbergast you will lose its capacity. This pole comes installed with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip so you can alter the connector settings without stressing over the logo moving around.

The makers have raised the focal point of gravity to offer golf players an alternate vibe and dispatch condition from their mainstream ST arrangement. The pole has a little weight with the goal that it tends to be gentler.

The torque is lower joined with higher CG; it advances a higher ball flight. With its structure of cool matte dark completion, this pole can be more unmistakable than others

Pros Cons
Higher flight of the ball Not include many latest technologies
Different feel

Project X Hzrdus Black

project x

With all the OEMs offering no upcharge shafts redesign, you should evaluate this one. Venture X created an extraordinary shaft that can hold consistency even with beginners. It carries a certain vibe to golf players; helps them to trust in themselves.

It likewise offers a much smoother change all through the swing, without getting excessively delicate. Venture X Stiffness number is one of the intriguing things. The 5 additions enable you to get directly at the precise solidness you are expecting without tipping the pole.

The firmness, weight, spin, and torque are altogether marked right in the pole. It causes you to be the hero with incredible exactness.

Pros Cons
Weighs only 58 grams Only have one color
Tapered shaft

Best Golf Drivers Shafts

Grafalloy ProLaunch 65


An old hand in the shaft community, Grafalloy still keeps up its popularity as perhaps the best golf shaft.

The quality and consistency have improved enormously over time. The relationship with reflection estimations is unbelievably high.

Apparently, we have discovered a pole solidness rating system and it works. Together with the lightweight design, the pole furnishes golf players with a valid experience.

Precise shots with high speed can be a simple issue to tackle.

Pros Cons
Quality material Available for drivers only
Better velocity

Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 Driver Golf shafts

aldila golf shaft


It rapidly turns into the main reseller’s exchange golf shaft at any point offered, the most loved of the two beginners and experts.

It has the most recent technology of Aldila, NexGen Micro Laminate Technology. That causes it to claim more slender superior carbon filaments.

These layers of carbon offer the most extreme consistency and best hits. Golf players feel like they make an ideal hit.

Furthermore, this inclination can separate this pole from others.

Pros Cons
Better feel Expensive
Thinner carbon fibers

Test Process

Time and resources were put into researching the most popular and best golf shafts on the market. Before making the final selection of the best golf shafts, about 20 different golf shafts were considered. They were properly reviewed and screened, and over 20 user reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of these results add up to what makes this list of the best golf shaft you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Types of Golf Shaft Flexes?

Extra Stiff: Golf shaft flexes are rated in frequency due to the number of cycles per minute, CPM, they complete. An extra-stiff shaft, denoted with an X, averages over 260 CPM with a standard driver club length of 45 inches.

Consumers should not get caught up on their shafts’ specific CPM number but, should simply be aware that not all shafts within the same flex category are exactly the same.

As a general rule, golfers who swing their drivers in excess of 110 miles per hour, mph, are recommended to use X flex shafts. However, golfers should test shafts with each clubhead as the two work in tandem for ideal performance.

Stiff: Stiff shafts, denoted S, are measured around 250 CPM. Golfers who swing the driver between 95 and 110 mph typically fit into these shafts. The majority of golfers find this shaft along with the following to be the most ideal for their swing characteristics.

Regular: Regular flex shafts denoted R, measure approximately 240 CPM. The majority of players who have a driver swing speed between 85 and 95 mph will fit comfortably into this shaft group. While there is no standard for carrying distances among shafts, golfers who hit their driver between 200 yards and 240 yards may opt for this choice.

Seniors: Amateur or Medium shafts, denoted A or M, are recommended for golfers who fall in the senior bracket. These players swing their drivers around 75 to 85 mph and can hit drives less than 200 yards in the air.

Ladies: Ladies shafts, denoted L, as the name implies is best suited for female golfers or golfers who swing the driver under 75 mph. The name is misleading as shafts are not made gender-specific. Golfers of all abilities and physical stature should test each shaft independently to see which works best for them.

What occurs if the golf shaft is excessively solid?

For a few, firm club shafts are a piece of the issue. On the off chance that your club shafts are excessively hardened, you’ll experience difficulty stacking them appropriately during your downswing. At the point when the clubhead gets to the ball, the pole won’t unload appropriately and the face will remain marginally open, causing a cut.

Does shaft flex influence slice?

Be that as it may, if the golf player happens to slice or blur the ball, this really could help decrease such a confusion propensity. The shot will feel progressively strong on the grounds that effect vibrations transmitted up to the hands along a pole which is both increasingly adaptable and increasingly twisted will feel progressively strong


The golf shafts cannot be overlooked due to the value it adds to your game. That is to say, using the best golf shafts will undoubtedly increase the level of your shot, swing, and golf play in general. The 10 golf shafts we’ve reviewed above are currently the best in the market and will deliver you the result you require.

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