Pinemeadow Golf Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf Wedge Review:

I have reviewed several wedges over the years, but never a golf club with the sheer diversity of golf wedges that Pinemeadow offers. They come in a variety of lofts and shapes. The Pinemeadow golf wedge is one of my favorites. It is an extremely versatile wedge and offers good forgiveness and distance for a moderate wedge.

I was able to take it to the range and play a few rounds. I used the wedge in several different styles, from 60-65 degrees off the tee to 70-75 degrees on the approach shot. The wedge was always accurate, even on shots that were difficult to hit, such as the approach shot.

The Pinemeadow Golf Wedge is made out of CNC milled aluminum. It has a polyurethane-coated steel hosel and a stainless steel face insert. The head is designed to be easy to swing and feel natural in your hands. The Pinemeadow Golf Wedge offers an excellent feel and solid forgiveness.

Pinemeadow Golf Wedge Overview

As we discuss the basic features of the Pinemeadow wedge in this review, we’ll help you decide if this wedge will be a good fit for your game.

Pinemeadow Golf Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf Wedge: Features And Benefits

Five different lofts are available for these wedges. Pinemeadow wedges are also available in women’s shafts if you prefer. A standard gap wedge is 52 degrees, a sand wedge is 56 degrees, and a lob wedge is 60 degrees. If you know this set of wedges is for you, then you can purchase a three-piece set with 52, 56, and 60.

Pinemeadow wedges are available in black finishes. This is one aspect of this wedge that we don’t particularly like. There is a tendency for the finish to wear off a bit, and we almost wish they had made these clubs with a more durable finish.

Player Handicap

In general, the Pinemeadow wedge is not designed for players with low handicaps. There’s not enough weight in the shafts, and the grooves aren’t high-performing enough for scratch golfers.

This club is ideal for someone who is just starting out or has a high handicap.


The shaft on this wedge weighs 125 grams and has a low-to-mid-kick point. Despite not being too heavy, this shaft is perfect for beginners. To help you hit the golf ball down and through, you need a wedge with a little more weight.


This wedge’s face area is larger than almost any other model. Pinemeadow wedges are also available in 68-degree lofts, which are very hard to find. Some wedge companies stop making clubs at 60 degrees, and others go to 64 degrees, but very few go to 68 degrees.

The 68-degree option is great for players who struggle to get over the lip of a bunker. It should be a lot easier to get out of this club thanks to the large loft.


Whenever you purchase lower-priced equipment, it seems like the feeling is being sacrificed. The problem is not that these golf clubs feel bad, it’s that they don’t perform as well as a tour-level wedge.

When you only have a pitching wedge in your bag, putting a 56-degree wedge in is the most important thing you can do.

There is nothing about the look, sound, or feel of this wedge that you can describe as poor if you do not compare it to other higher-performing options.


It’s a bit hard to believe how much the Pinemeadow golf wedges cost. In comparison to other wedge options, they are priced lower. They might be considered too cheap and of low quality by some. Although the black finish on the clubhead will likely not hold up over time, this golf club is still a good value because of the shaft, grip, and clubhead.

Pinemeadow Golf Wedge: Final thoughts

In our Pinemeadow wedge review, we examined the positives and negatives of this golf club. Positives outweighed negatives in this purchase.

You should instead consider this a value purchase. The meager price you pay for all that you receive is definitely not a waste of money.

This is not the club for someone who wants to change their wedge game with tour-level performance.

In most cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to golf equipment. For those who are simply looking for their first wedge, the Pinemeadow is a great choice.

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