Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S Review

Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S Review

Review: Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge.

Cleveland has released their new Smart Sole 3 golf wedges. They have been in the golf wedge market for many years and they have had a loyal following of golfers who prefer the look and feel of Cleveland wedges.

They have now taken it to the next level by incorporating the latest technology into their new wedges.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 3 is a full-carbon steel blade that is wedged at 56 degrees. It has a thin, lightweight design that is comfortable and easy to handle. The Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges are the perfect choice for players looking for a wedge that will enhance their game and improve their distance.

Design of the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S

As you can see, the Smart Sole 3 wedge looks very different from both versions at the address. This Smart Sole 3C has an oblong face that is short in height but long from heel to toe. With a round toe and a curved leading edge, the Smart Sole 3S wedge is large, round, and has a round sole. Further, the 3C exposes some of its sole at the same address where the 3S conceals it with its loft.

In addition to their satin chrome finishes, the wedges also have a large sole. There will be a lot of attention paid to these clubs, but that’s a good thing since you’ll be reaching for them frequently.

Sound and Feel of the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge S

With the Smart Sole 3 wedges, this series takes another step forward in sound and feel. The impact felt when hitting the center of each wedge is solid and satisfying. Instead of the “click” of the original Smart Sole, this one makes a dull thud.

In most cases, feedback on mishits comes from the hands, so experienced players shouldn’t have any problem distinguishing between good and bad contact.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Golf Wedge S is a high-performance wedge.

Smart Sole 3 Wedge S Review

Cleveland is promoting two changes with the Smart Sole 3 wedges, one of which is the three-tiered sole. Hopefully, this design will make interactions with turf or sand even more forgiving. Despite not being able to feel all three tiers with my hands, I know these wedges make it nearly impossible to make a bad shot. If you get too deep into the turf, the sole will save you. Whenever the ball is hit thin, the club’s low center of gravity will lift it upward.

It is the Feel Balancing Technology that I find to be the most noticeable change. Cleveland used the same principle in their excellent RTX-3 wedges. Basically, it moves the sweet spot closer to the center of the face. For players who tend to strike the ball near the heel of the club anyway, this is important. Through a better feel and a better shot closer to the toe, these wedges help golfers hit the ball better.

That’s enough tech talk. These wedges are great fun to play with. You will love the Smart Sole 3C if you’re a yippy chipper. This club will do the rest if you can make a simple putting motion. When you give thick rough a little “oomph,” it becomes a breeze.

The Smart Sole 3S is likely to become a golfer’s best friend. It makes the bunker play foolproof: just aim where you want to send the ball, and the sand will get there for you. Setting up and swinging are the only things you need to do; you don’t need to manipulate your face or your stance. I was also pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the 3S. In fact, I liked the extra margin for error that the sole provides when hitting pitch shots off tight lies.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
It has a nice feel and sound. None found.
Easy to use.

Final thoughts

There’s nothing worse than blading your chip across the green or leaving your bunker shot in the sand. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could never do that again?

With the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges, that question is no longer hypothetical. With $120, you can buy clubs that virtually eliminate embarrassing short-game mishaps. To practice the bunker or upgrade your short game, click the button below.


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