Titleist AVX golf ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review.

With all of the major manufacturers in the golf ball business, it’s not surprising that you’ll find a large number of different types of balls out there. And even though they are all made to feel different and produce different results, they all have one thing in common: they have to spin as true as possible.

This is why it’s important to get the right combination of spin and feel.

For some players, it’s all about feel. These guys are the type of players who like to just feel the ball in their hands and know that it will perform well.

But for most of us, it’s about spin and accuracy. We want the ball to feel good in our hands but we also want to hit it straight and on target. And the only way to do that is to spin it the right way.

In this review, I’m going to take a look at a ball that has been designed to produce both spin and feel. The Titleist AVX golf ball is made to produce spin and feels but also to help you hit the ball straight.

Titleist AVX golf ball: Feel

Titleist AVX golf ball

I found the original AVX to be a fascinating study in feel.  The greens felt a lot like the ProV1.  Whether you are using a wedge or driver, it feels considerably softer than the ProV1.

The feel of the wedges, irons, and driver on the 2020 version will remain softer than it was on the ProV1.  The ball isn’t exactly a marshmallow, but it’s certainly more supple than most other tour balls.  My favorite part was the way the wedge felt – a dull, soft “thud.”

The 2022 AVX is at the soft end of the Tour ball spectrum on the green.  Though it’s not mushy, it’s a solid “thud,” but it’s softer than a ProV1x.  In comparing the new AVX putter to the older version, I struggled to find a noticeable difference.  Despite hitting dozens of putts looking for something, they were all identical.

Titleist AVX golf ball: Long Game

avx golf ball

In the 2022 Titleist AVX, distance is the primary focus.  According to Titleist, the larger core promotes more ball speed.  A new dimple design will also create a low, penetrating ball flight.  Given the snow in the picture above, you can assume my testing of the 2022 Titleist AVX was limited to the launch monitor, so I didn’t get to test it on the course with the wind.

During my launch monitor testing, I found that the new AVX had the same excellent ball speed as its predecessor.  Although I am certain there is a measurable difference between the two, my very human driver swing did not consistently produce a noticeable gap.  The spin of the driver was lower than the ProV1, but not uncontrollable, knuckleball low.

The 2022 AVX produces excellent ball speed and spins slightly less than a ProV1 with its irons.  For me, a player with low spin, the difference was only a few hundred RPM, but high spin players might notice it more. The AVX could be perfect for you if you want to increase your iron distance or improve your ball flight.

Titleist AVX golf ball: Short Game

avx golf ball

Due to the larger core of the 2022 Titleist AVX, the urethane cover has been thinned.  According to Titleist, this allows for “more precise control when scoring around the green.”

As I tested the old AVX against the new version, I found that both had similar peak spin numbers, but the new model had a higher average spin number. 

It is possible that I simply got better swings from the new AVX, but my impression is that the new AVX made it easier to get every bit of spin out of the shot.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Perfect for players with high spin or those seeking lower, more powerful ball flight. Pricey
In the long game, it has a low spin, while in the short game, it has a high spin.  


The 2022 Titleist AVX is an excellent golf ball for the player looking for a low spin in the long game and a high spin in the short game.  I found this new version to be incrementally better than the original, especially in the short game.  Weekend golfers will also benefit from the softer feel in the long game.

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