Sunmonu wants Oyo schools to embrace golf


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The newly-elected captain of the Ibadan Golf Club, Col. Ade Sunmonu has urged schools in Oyo State to embrace golf as ‘it would help shape the character of their students.’

Sunmonu, who has pledged to make the Ibadan Golf Club second to none in Nigeria, said during the inaugural Captain’s Kitty in his honor that his team would meet with the stakeholders, including government, in order to make the golf to school dream a reality.

He said that the game had long suffered a popularity challenge in the country, adding that it deserved more than the patronage it was getting.

Sunmonu, who listed several benefits of the

sport, running from systems administration to understanding the impacts of weariness, stated, “as you most likely are aware, the game isn’t mainstream in this piece of the world true to form, we are resolved to change the pattern by presenting it in schools.

“Endeavors are in progress to meet the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, National Sports Commission and the State Sports Council among others to accomplish this.”

Sunmonu regretted that golf’s mindfulness had been melting away, including that it merited more help and interest from the people.

He additionally revealed: “we will probably work well for the enthusiasm of individuals from the club. We will guarantee our greens are appropriately taken care of to be truly outstanding in the nation.”

More than 200 golfers from all pieces of the nation took an interest in the debut Captain’s Kitty won by Adetiminrin Adekunle and Evelyn Oyome in the men and women classifications.

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