8 Best Putting Tips of 2024

Putting tips

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If you want to improve your golf putting skills, here are 8 best putting tips to learn from. Putting is a golf stroke used with a club called a putter when you’re on or just off the green. Having the best or most expensive putter is not enough to guarantee to make a perfect putt. However, to become a better putter, you must be ready to learn from putter pros like Justin Thomas, Tiger woods and others.


If you want to be a better golfer this year, here are the 8 best putting tips you should follow.


To make a perfect putt, you need to be able to control your speed and also be able to pick the right line as well. to improve your putting speed, there are several ways to achieve that. First is through a proper warm-up session before your round begins. Ensure to give yourself enough time to hit some practice putts across the putting green prior to heading to the first tee, as this is your best chance to learn the speed of the surfaces for the day.

Secondly, you can improve your putting speed by actually reading the speed of each putt you face. That is to say, you need to check the slope of the ground around the hole to see if the putt is uphill or downhill. That way, you can have a clear picture of the slope that you are facing on a given putt and you ill be able to decide properly on how much speed to give the ball at impact.


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It is important to note that while putting, you should always maintain a light grip pressure on the handle of the club throughout your stroke. Because you’ll be swinging the club a short distance and at a relatively low speed, the need for a tight grip won’t be necessary. To get a perfect putting, you’ll need a light grip pressure on your putter. to achieve this, first; try practicing your stroke using just one hand at a time. If you are perfect in putting with one hand, it’s going to set you up in the right position.

Finally, after hitting a few putts with each hand, put them back together on the grip while focusing on light pressure and smooth action. When done correctly, the putter will feel like it is simply rocking back and forth without any interruption from your hands or wrists.

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As always said, practice makes perfect. So It is important to practice your putting as frequently as possible because putting is a skill that is based on feel and touch. You can’t maintain your feel and touch on the greens if you don’t practice, so the quality of your putting will quickly deteriorate after a period of inactivity.

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When it comes to putting, you need to be using a putter that fits you properly if you want to make a solid stroke time after time.

With the right club at hand, swinging the putter down the target line becomes much easier. Both the length of the putter you use and the lie angle of that putter can have a major impact on the overall profile of your stroke. If you decide to have yourself fitted for a putter, be sure to work with a professional who has specific experience in this area.


To ensure you are getting good information, take care to position your eyes directly over the ball. By getting your eyes out over the ball, you will have a clear view of the path you need to follow in order to send the ball on its way accurately. So as to get your eyes in position, you will probably need to tilt your chest area by utilizing your hips while keeping up a lot of flex in your knees. When you get settled in this position, you should find that it gives you an extraordinary view and furthermore makes it conceivable to create a quality stroke.

Best Putting Tips


This is probably one of the most important and most popular tips in golf putting. Putting is all about timing and precision and it is extremely hard to be precise when your head is moving around from side to side.

If you tend to have trouble keeping your head down during your putting stroke, try focusing your eyes on a specific spot on your golf ball as the putter swings. As long as your eyes stay focused on that specific spot, it’s sure that your head will remain still as well.


The putting stroke can now and again just be around six inches in length. There’ll be no time for alteration. In the full swing, you possess more energy for alteration. When you’re putting from three to five feet, your putting stroke is so short, you simply lack the capacity to deal with modifications. You need the best possible set-up with the putter face pointed where you need the ball to go and that is 90 percent of it.


As always said, failing isn’t the worst thing but quieting is. This putting tip has been considered by many one of the best putting tips ever. Every golfer misses at least one or two putts in every single round, and usually even more than that.

By understanding this putting tip, you can free yourself up to make a quality stroke without placing so much emphasis on the results. As this will help you relax, make a smooth stroke, and hope for the best.

Putting has always been a significant challenge to golfers, and it is often going to be a frustrating part of golf. However, you can work to get better over time, especially if you do the right thing. Ensure to provide yourself with plenty of practice time to improve on both your stroke and your green reading skills and be sure you have the right putter in your hands to fit your mechanics nicely. When you are well organized and prepared before you ever head to the first tee, you can look ahead to a great future filled with lots of great putts.

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