The Best Cheap Golf Putters of 2024

best cheap golf putters

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Golf is an interesting game but getting the right types of equipment (putters) to play the games is always expensive. However, we’ve looked, researched, and found the best cheap golf putters that can serve as alternatives to the more expensive ones. These cheap putters are also made of high qualities materials and are very affordable.

The fact that they are cheap doesn’t mean they are made of inferior quality or substandard materials. They are actually made of high-quality material but upcoming companies still looking for customers. So in other to infiltrate the market and compete with big dogs like Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade, they tend to make their putters cheaper. So irrespective of your playing level, (a beginner or a golf pro), these best cheap putters are available for you.

Below are some of the best cheap golf putters on the market today.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

best cheap golf putters

The Wilson Harmonized Putter is a standout amongst the best cheap golf putters out there. The cutting-edge style putter highlights heel/toe weighting and a handyman shaft and is intended to offer extraordinary parity. You’ll unquestionably see the hold—in feel and style. Delicate and agreeable, the hold is featured by a vertical crease on the back of it to improve the vibe which helps give you a smooth stroke inevitably.

The microinjection polymer face embeds look engaging, yet transmit a delicate, yet strong, feel of the effect. Concerning precision, the Harmonized has lines on the head so you can adjust your putt to certainty for a progressively predictable stroke. It’s accessible in left-and right-gave forms yet just comes in 35-inch length.

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Pros Cons
Very soft and comfortable all-weather, oversized grip A headcover is not included
promotes solid strokes with a soft feel Available in a length of 35 inches only
Features a micro-injection polymer face
Alignment lines for more accurate putts

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Best Cheap Golf Putter

best cheap golf putters

The Pinemeadow PGX Putter is engaging right around — in style, playability, and cost. While the hammer-style putter is a couple of years old (2013), it stays a standout amongst the best deals available. The white clubhead is sure to add some character to your arrangement of clubs, yet it likewise serves a significant capacity.

The difference of the PGX’s white clubhead against the green grass will enable you to center at the location to ensure your arrangement (you can see the arrangement lines truly fly in the image) is exact and where you need it.

The putter weighs 380 grams, making it “visit weighted.” That additional weight will enable you to be progressively predictable on quicker greens and will likewise help advance a smooth, stable stroke. In addition, the PGX Putter accompanies a headcover. This won’t be Pinemeadow’s just section on this rundown as they make the absolute best cheap golf putters accessible today.

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Pros Cons
Includes headcover for protection Available only in right-handed and 34 inches
Extra 40 grams of the mallet putter is “tour-weighted Some users felt it was too heavy
White clubhead helps get a clearer alignment against green

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR800 Best Cheap Golf Putter

best cheap golf putters

In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea who Ray Cook is, here’s the inside scoop: Cook never played on the PGA Tour, yet his putters were utilized by PGA masters and won 200 occasions, including 4 majors, between the 1960s and ’80s. His affection for golf and building drove him to the life of putter plan. Furthermore, as per those numbers, Mr. Cook realized what he was doing.

The Silver Ray SR800, discharged in 2016, is the latest of the exceptionally respected arrangement. With a delicate medium size grasp, the SR800 highlights a cast aluminum face and an arrangement line on the highest point of the hammer style head, which will help result in smooth, predictable putts. Different specs include: 3-degree space, 70-degree lie, handymen neck full shaft counterbalance, and the head weight is 360 grams. It’s accessible in both 34-and 35-inch lengths.

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Pros Cons
Available in both 34 and 35-inch length Only available on right-hand
A tour-weighted putter can handle faster greens Some might not like the sound it makes coming off the aluminum face
Ray Cook putters have won 200 PGA events, including 4 majors

Orlimar Tangent T1 Best Cheap Golf Putter

best cheap golf putters

For under $30, the Orlimar Tangent T1 can be made available, while offering elite, making it an ideal putter for the deal customer or learner. The 35-inch hammer style configuration has a counterbalanced design and is featured by a TPU polymer supplement face for a brilliant feel-on effect and a high snapshot of dormancy, which will keep those putts straight and reliable.

The two-conditioned clubhead includes an additional long arrangement line so you’ll be good to go precisely at a location, and the border weighting will surely enable you to improve in the exactness office, too. It additionally includes a delicate, larger-than-average hold and accompanies a free headcover.

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Pros Cons
Offset hosel makes sure your hands will be aligned ahead of the putter Only available on right-hand
Advanced perimeter weighting leads to more accurate putts Not the newest Tangent model
TPU polymer insert face promotes solid contact

Two-Way Putter — Left and Right Hand

sure, the Two-Way Putter by Quolf Golf may look like something you’d see at your neighborhood putt-putt course. Yet, in case you’re simply figuring out how to putt it and aren’t keen on plunking down a major wad of cash, at that point, this club could be what you’re searching for.

The intriguing thing about this putter is that can be utilized by both right-and left-gave players. Presently it most likely isn’t prescribed you “switch putt” while on the course, yet the Two-Way Putter is a nitty-gritty club that is extraordinary as a learning instrument for the new golfer. Furthermore, it’s amazingly lightweight — approximately 1 pound.

While the Two-Way Putter comes up short on the innovation of the majority of the present models, it is a standout amongst the best cheap golf putters out there for worth and those searching for the old-school style.

Pros Cons
It can be used by right- and left-handers Does not include a headcover
The standard grip isn’t too bulky or thin Only one size, under 34 inches
They are affordable

Tour Edge 3 Backdraft GT Plus Putter

Best Cheap Golf Putters

The Tour Edge 3 Backdraft Putter is a piece of the organization’s well-known GT Plus arrangement. The all-white shading gives you great complexity against the green grass, bringing about better fixation, center, and arrangement, which, obviously, prompts progressively predictable putts. It’s a prior model, however, the GT Plus Backdraft 3 has all you should be strong on the greens while sparing you green (under $50).

Including an enormous measured hold intended to shield your wrists from separating, the Backdraft 3 has a high snapshot of idleness (MOI) and heel-to-toe weight, which is fundamental for parity and to keep your putter head square all through the whole stroke. As an or more, it’s accessible in 3 unique sizes — 33, 34, and 35 inches in length.

Pros Cons
The high moment of inertia (MOI) helps keep the putter square Only available in right-handed
The high moment of inertia (MOI) helps keep the putter square The older model of the GT series
Available in 3 sizes — 33, 34, and 35 inches

Majek K5 P-202 Sabertooth Claw Putter

best cheap golf putters

Another appealing and practical club, the Majek K5 P-202 Sabertooth Claw Putter offers an incredible incentive for the deal chasing golfer. The Black and White shading offers astounding difference against the green grass at the location, which will positively help with your concentration and arrangement.

The club likewise brags a high minute latency (MOI) on account of the one-of-a-kind hammer style “hook” structure, which uses geometry to augment effectiveness and execution. The higher the MOI in a putter the better, and the Majek K5 P-202 has quite recently that.

At 35 inches, the club is visit weighted at 366 grams, which will help in quicker greens (we as a whole need that). It additionally accompanies a free headcover.

Pros Cons
Tour-weighted at 366 grams suited toward faster greens Only available in right-handed style
The high moment of inertia for better contact and more consistency One size available — 35 inches
Black and white color offers an excellent contrast to green grass

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Best Cheap Golf Putters

For those enthusiasts of Odyssey Golf, the PGX SL Putter by Pinemeadow Golf should look somewhat well-known. Taking after the Odyssey 2-Ball Putters, the PGX SL has a comparative arrangement structure. Pinemeadow’s 2X Orb Alignment System will enable you to get that perfect line each time for additional on-target and reliable putts. The balance hosel will likewise help in alignment.

The putter is focus adjusted, which means your club has a superior possibility of remaining adjusted during your stroke, and the steady face supplement will give an amazing feel-on effect for a smooth putt. With a delicate Pinemeadow Spider Grip and a free headcover, the PGX SL has an Odyssey 2-Ball feel, yet at a small amount of the cost.

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Pros Cons
Offset hosel also helps with pre-putt alignment Only available in right-handed
Pinemeadow’s 2X ORB Alignment is very helpful for lining up putts and accuracy Available in one length — 34 inches
A consistent face insert promotes a smooth roll while cutting down on skipping

Wilson Men’s Augusta Golf Putter

best cheap golf putters

Two words synonymous with golf emerge here: “Wilson” and “Augusta.” The cost isn’t excessively ratty, either — under $25. Concerning the putter itself, it includes a blended structure, making it helpful for the playing styles everything being equal. Regardless of whether you’re correct given, left-gave, a novice, or scratch golfer, you’ll discover the Wilson Augusta will accommodate your game.

The metal leader of the edge-style putter will help get strong contact and limit skipping. The all-climate, curiously large grasp is delicate and agreeable and loans an incredible feel, which is significant for fixation and core interest. The putter is 35-inches in length and accompanies a 1-year general producer’s guarantee.

Pros Cons
The brass head promotes solid contact for a smooth roll Doesn’t come with a headcover
The all-weather grip will prevent slipping in all conditions Some users find it difficult to put with a blade-style head
Steel shaft makes for durable construction

Ray Cook Golf Gyro Best Cheap Golf Putter

Best Cheap Golf Putters

For the second time on this list, Ray Cook is the Gyro, one of the further developed putters, innovation savvy. It is featured by a weight screw at the back of the club on the base of the head. You can alter the weight with the plan to get a higher MOI, which advances better precision and control, particularly on off-kilter hits.

Different highlights incorporate a twofold processed exactness face to help get smoother putts, accommodating arrangement markers, and a brilliant White structure for the magnificent difference against the green. Accessible in lengths of 34 and 35 inches, you’ll get a free headcover for every Gyro you purchase. In light of the surveys. Beam Cook makes probably the best cheap golf putters available today.

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Pros Cons
Whitehead color and alignment marks offer gear pre-putt contrast and positioning Some might find the grip a little too bulky
It has weight ports screw to promote higher MOI for more consistency Available in right-handed only
Available in 2 sizes — 34 and 35 inches

The best way to chose a  putter is to allow the shaft of your putter to fall neatly in line with your forearm when you’re in the address position. It’s common for golfers to choose a putter too long for their game. And if you’re clutching your standard-size putter below its grip, you should probably opt for a shorter-length shaft.
Greatness can be found in many, but only a select few can claim to be one of the Greatest Putters of all Time. Some of the greater golf putters of all time include:

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