Best Fitness Watch for Golfers 2023

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Are you a golfer and in search of the best fitness watch? Well, you just found the right place. In our review today, we’ve highlight 8 of the best fitness watch for golfers this season.

These golf fitness watches are not only perfect for tracking your heart rate or calories consumed during a round of play but they’re also packed with pre-installed golf courses and other features to help improve your golf game generally.

So, without further ado, why not check out the 8 best fitness watches for golfers we’ve discovered for you.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Fitness Watch

Preloaded Golf Courses: Before now, things were quite boisterous when we had to download 1000’s obviously physically from our PC through wires. Be that as it may, since things have propelled a ton, the Golf watches accompany preloaded courses from 30,000 to 45,000 in number that can be gotten to without any problem. Some are refreshed consequently through the remote association while some should be refreshed by interfacing it to the cell phone by means of Bluetooth innovation.

It has gotten really basic and has decreased manual intercession at a gigantic level. The GPS route here assumes a tremendous job since they will in general update all the courses relying upon your present area and subsequently give you a superior perspective on the green, and the perils.

Optical RangeFinders: These rangefinder watches are essentially an element where the Golfer can get the exact estimation on separations of the gap from the golf player, time, scorecard carefully accessible on the watch, likewise deciding the situating of the course. This element is for the most part found in Bushnell and Garmin watches and is exceptionally basic in each Golf GPS watch.

Swing Analysis: The swing analysis assists with breaking down the swing activity of the Golfer. It incorporates the tracking of the activity, edge, swing speed, swing way, the speed of the ball and the entirety of this altogether helps in breaking down the further strategy and ad-lib further on the following shots for better outcomes.

Battery Life: It is one of the most significant elements with regards to surveying and picking the best Golf fitness watches. You need an incredible battery life on the off chance that you need to finish the 18 holes each time you play. A poor battery will simply demolish the soul of the game though extraordinary battery life will make things extremely smooth. The greater part of the watches lasts up to 3 rounds of play while some don’t go up to even a solitary round. So it is truly a necessary consideration while picking the Golf watch for yourself.

Touchscreen: Fitness watches are for the most part outfitted with a touchscreen display, it makes it simpler to explore and look around with the different highlights it incorporates. There are different Golf fitness watches furnished with it while some don’t have the element yet at the same time even without it things would work it. Since the substitute choice would be simply to tap on the button that is on the ordinary watch we wear each day. Having some extra, however, improves things.

Best Fitness watch Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Hole 19 + Apple Watch/Wear OS

Durable Get it on Amazon
Bushell Excel GPS

excel gps golf fitness watch

Stylish design Get it on Amazon
Garmin Approach S20

approach fitness watch

Massive course database Get it on Amazon
Garmin Approach X40

x40 fitness watch

Durable battery Get it on Amazon
Golf Buddy WTX

wtx fitness watch

Massive course database Get it on Amazon
Callaway GPSy Sport Watch

callaway gpsy fitness watch

Good battery life Get it on Amazon
SkyCaddie Linx GT


Includes an app and club sensor Get it on Amazon
Garmin Approach S60

s60 fitness watch

Water-resistant Get it on Amazon

Best Fitness Watch in Design

Hole 19 + Apple Watch/Wear OS

hole 19

In case you’re in any way similar to us, you’re quickly moving toward a shoebox brimming with wearables and would prefer not to include another. Hole 19 is a free application for Apple Watch and Wear OS that recreates huge numbers of the highlights you’ll discover on devoted trackers and does as such with a super-smooth, simple to utilize wrist-based interface.

It influences the inherent GPS (Apple Watch Series 2 and up just as an assortment of Wear OS watches) to track distance off the tee and to the pin without whipping out your telephone. You can likewise include your strokes, putts, and fairways made and adjust it back to the buddy cell phone application. The versatile application offers flyover perspectives on openings, a full computerized scorecard, and the capacity to book around on your preferred course.

Pros Cons
It’s free if you own a smartwatch Lacks automatic shot tracking
No need for a dedicated device Still need your phone for hole maps

Bushell Excel GPS fitness Watch

excel gps golf fitness watch

The Bushell Excel GPS is an alluring fitness watch golf fans will have no apprehensions about wearing once the round is finished. It brings all that you’d expect as far as shot estimations and distance to the hole just as recognizing the different perils you’re probably going to experience during your round.

It’s to a greater extent a customary fitness watch as the UI is button-controlled instead of the touchscreen while, in GPS mode, it guarantees three full adjusts between charges. Two or three more aggressive highlights like Swing Pro, which plans to follow the speed at different focuses in your swing, needs work, yet by and large, this is a phenomenal GPS golf watch.

Pros Cons
Powerful, accurate GPS Swing Pro feature needs work
Stylish design

Garmin Approach S20

approach fitness watch

The Garmin S20 watch offers a bigger display than the X40 that you’re going to find out about right now well as longer battery life (15 hours in GPS mode). It additionally includes the equivalent as often as possible refreshed course database, GPS shot tracking, movement tracking, and advanced scorecard, and smart notices capacities.

It incorporates peril data, green subtleties, and AutoShot tracking for tee and fairway shots, and is likewise a lot less expensive than the Garmin X40, so what’s not to cherish? Well, this model comes up short on a pulse sensor and it’s not so much something you’ll need to wear as a style articulation away from the fairway.

Pros Cons
Automatic shot tracking Not attractive enough to wear off the course
Massive course database Unintuitive UI

Best Fitness Watch in Battery

Garmin Approach X40

x40 fitness watch

Ground-breaking movement tracker meets all-knowing caddy with Garmin’s outstanding X40. It has a pulse sensor, so you can screen your heartbeat under tension, and a stage/distance/calorie tracker so you can quantifiably legitimize playing golf four times each week since it’s activity. It’s pre-stacked with 40,000 fairways worldwide and the GPS will give you an exact distance to the front/pin/back of the green.

It’ll even naturally track your drives and iron shots, permitting you to track execution after some time. Regardless of the thin presentation, it’ll convey green shape and design information, permitting you to superbly design your methodology. Everything is matched up back to the ground-breaking Garmin Connect Golf application by means of Bluetooth.

Pros Cons
Powerful, accurate GPS Expensive
Durable battery Fiddly touchscreen interface

Callaway GPSy Fitness Watch

callaway gpsy fitness watch

An exceptional golf brand, Callaway’s GPSy Sport fitness Watch is pressed with highlights.

The 30,000 courses, which this watch can auto-perceive, are tracked as you play, which means access to green lay-up and convey distance, just as perils and canine legs.

It will likewise auto score and track your means also.

The battery should last somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 hours in GPS mode, setting it close to the highest point of the life span heap.

Pros Cons
Good battery life Plain design
Tracks as you play Only two color choices

Best Fitness Watch in Features

Golf Buddy WTX

wtx fitness watch

With an exceptionally noticeable, raise-to-wake shading screen, ground-breaking GPS, an instinctive interface, distance and peril tracking, and flyover perspectives on each opening on 38,00 courses, the Golf Buddy WTX ticks a lot of boxes (or sinks a ton of putts) for well-informed golf players.

In any case, where it truly piles on the additional yardage is the dynamic green view. This element permits you to design your pitch from the edge of the approach shot.

There’s additionally GPS course and hole acknowledgment and the watch will move to the next hole consequently. Synchronizing with the Golf Buddy application will present to all of you the course refreshes you need.

Pros Cons
Colour screen, good sunlight visibility Information may be overkill for some golfers
Dynamic Green View is an awesome feature Complex set-up

SkyCaddie Linx GT


The SkyCaddie Linx GT is exceptional in that it’s wearable, yet part of a bundle. Joined with an application and a club sensor, the Linx GT accomplishes something beyond measure shots utilizing GPS, as it can dissect each swing precisely to offer improvement tips as well.

The organization guarantees the watch’s GPS expands precision over applications by up to 300% while sparing your phone’s battery as well.

The readout on the showcase will show yardage on the watch, or you can get out your telephone for a progressive point-by-point course guide and shot examination. What’s more, it’s not restricted to golf, with step, separation, and calorie following empowering it to bend over as a fundamental fitness tracker.

Pros Cons
Includes an app and club sensor Only comes in black
Works as a fitness tracker Expensive

Garmin Approach S60

s60 Best Fitness Watch for Golfers

Despite the fact that not as highlight stuffed or costly as the multi-sport Garmin Fenix 6, the Garmin Approach S60 is the organization’s leader fitness golf watch, consolidating an upscale form with a 1.2-inch 240 x 240 shading screen and heaps of highlights. There are more than 40,000 courses preloaded, complete with data like exact yardages to greens, risks, and doglegs.

The Approach S60 will likewise naturally record the area and distance of each shot, while its PlaysLike includes permit the S60 to consider rise changes between the player and target and figure what the distance will play like. There’s likewise SwingTempo and TempoTraining to assist you with improving your swing, and obviously, the Approach S60 works with the Garmin Connect and Garmin Golf applications, matching up your information and letting you contend with companions.

All that and it will likewise function as a general fitness tracker, tracking advances, calories consumed, distance, and rest, furnishing you with alarms when you haven’t sufficiently moved and in any event, indicating cell phone warnings. In addition, it’s waterproof to 5 meters and its battery will last as long as 10 hours in golf mode.

Pros Cons
Improves your skills Still need to get your phone out to view some things
Feature-packed Expensive

Golf Fitness Watch Test Process

Before rolling out this list of the best golf fitness watch, time and resources were put into researching the most accurate and versatile fitness watch on the market. Before making the final selection, a variety of golf fitness watches were considered. This consideration was based on how golfers use them and their usefulness on the golf course and outside the course. They were properly reviewed and screened, and over 10 users’ reviews were read online (both positive and negative). All of these results add up to what makes this list of the best golf fitness watches you can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Apple Watch be used as a golf GPS?

Since Apple Watches (SP) presently have assembled in GPS technology, they can now work a similar way that a portion of the best golf GPS watches work. You should simply download a Golf GPS App for your Apple watch.

Do golf GPS watches work?

You may have heard about golf GPS watches, or seen them being used, however many do not comprehend how do golf GPS watches work and how they can improve your game. The good ways from a Golf GPS watch are not as precise as the distance that you would get from even a cheap golf laser rangefinder.

Do pro golfers wear watches?

Proficient golfers don’t tend to wear watches during ongoing interaction, except for a couple. Sportier dive watches like the Rolex Submariner are made to withstand the exceptional submerged weight. They ought to have the option to deal with the stun of a driver coming into contact with a golf ball.


Searching for the best golf fitness watch will now be easier and faster. Thanks to the list of the best fitness watch we’ve compiled above. However, if you’ve found one or two that you’ll like to buy, ensure you check the necessary details of your preferred choice before you do.

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