PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Trolley Review

PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Trolley Review

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The PowaKaddy FW3 electric trolley is a simple, robust, battery-powered trolley with an aluminum frame that’s designed to offer you the best in mobility and comfort. 

For me, reviewing the FW3 electric trolley was no big deal since I’ve used it several times. And just like I said before, it’s a robust, durable, and easy-to-use trolley.

Having said that, let’s learn more about the PowerKaddy FW3 electric trolly below.

Review of PowaKaddy FW3


This entry-level electric golf trolley from Powakaddy is excellent. If you are looking for an electric golf trolley that is durable, strong, and easy to use, you cannot go wrong with the PowaKaddy FW3 electric golf trolley.

When you consider the warranty that comes with your purchase, it makes sense. The PowaKaddy FW3 has a 2-year warranty on its trolley and a fantastic 5-year warranty on its lithium battery.

This gets an 8/10 from me. Due to the lack of a USB charger and a battery percentage indicator, it does not receive a 10/10. It would be a great feature, especially for golf GPS owners.

It would’ve been better to have a battery percentage indicator as well, rather than the three battery colors. When it is orange, you wait until it turns red, which means it is dead.

As I mentioned, this is an entry-level electric golf trolley, so I am being a bit picky. The PowaKaddy FW3 is an excellent golf trolley that will not let you down.

Key Features of PowaKaddy FW3

  • Plug ‘n’ Play battery system
  • Digital Screen
  • PowaFrame low profile chassis
  • Stylish hidden battery design
  • Thinnest lithium battery available
  • powerful, whisper-quiet 200w motor.
  • The trolley comes with a two-year warranty.
  • 5-Year Warranty Lithium Battery

The Design of the PowaKaddy FW3

golf trolley

At first glance, the main change is the beautifully designed digital screen. The Powakaddy FW3 models display the battery level indicator as well as the power gauge.

The battery does not have a timer or percentage display, but it does show how much battery is left in three different colors: green, orange, and red. On the other hand, the FW5 and FW7 have cooler screens that display the remaining battery life.

The PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Golf Trolley has an eye-catching design. When compared to models of recent years, the FW3 has a nice design. This model has a more compact battery. It fits easily into the battery connection. Once in the battery slot, it is barely noticeable. It can also be folded neatly to fit conveniently into the car’s booth.

The PowaKaddy FW3 trolley is robust and extremely strong. Furthermore, the motors are more powerful, which is very useful on hills and in rough terrain. Golfers will appreciate these two changes. It might cost a little more for the advancements in technology and engineering, but you’ll get a more durable, reliable product.

Performance of the PowaKaddy FW3

PowaKaddy’s FW3 Electric Golf Trolley is also very fast. It has a 9-speed setting, with 5-6 being a nice steady speed. With the digital dial set to 9, you can hold on to the T-bar grip and let the PowaKaddy FW3 literally pull you around the course.

With the added speed, hills and mud are no problem. Without any problems, the PowaKaddy FW3 runs smoothly. In spite of its soft and comfortable grip, the T-bar is easily controlled and steered.

Battery Options for PowaKaddy FW3

The PowaKaddy FW3 comes with 2 options for lithium batteries. There are 18 and 36 holes. Whichever one you choose, it is completely up to you. However, if you play golf twice a week and are forgetful, I would most certainly choose the 36-hole battery.

With plenty of juice left in the tank, the 18-hole battery lasts no problem for me, and it lasts around the midway point of the second round, but this can vary depending on your course and pace.

Service warranty

PowaKaddy FW3 is an excellent choice. With the PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Golf Trolley, the battery is covered for 5 years and the trolley for 2 years.

As soon as you purchase the PowaKaddy FW3, simply go to the Powakaddy website, input the serial numbers of your trolley, battery, and charger, and you’re good to go. Every month, you have a chance to win a Powakaddy golf bag.

Why Should You Buy the PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Golf Trolley?

Pros Cons
Cool digital display that shows battery life and speed. Next-generation models feature a better digital display and a USB port for charging golf GPS devices or smartphones.
You can use it for just about anything you need it for. Its solid construction and super-powerful motor make it easy to use and reliable. There is also a power indicator. Speed dials are very sensitive and you can turn them off when you are turning them up to increase the speed. At first, this can be a little irritating.
Powerful and very fast.
strong and robust design.
This trolley has a sleek design with a small battery that fits into the base and is difficult to see.
A five-year warranty is included with the battery.
Battery options include 18 and 36 holes.
The trolley has a two-year warranty.

Final Thoughts

For the price, the PowaKaddy FW3 is a great trolley. For some, the simplicity and stripped-back design will be positive, and for others, it will be a weakness. I would recommend the lithium 36 hole option.

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