Best Left Handed Putters of 2023

best left handed golf putters

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Searching for the best left handed putters to buy? You just found the right place. Most times, it could be difficult dealing with most golfing tools that favor right handed golfers over left handed golfers, and this might make you lose interest in this sport. Be that as it may, if you’re a golfer and you’re looking for the best lest handed putter to buy, we’ve got 5 of the best left handed golf putters on our list below.

However, Left handed golf putters and right-handed ones are similar with only just a slight variation in placement and putting technique. So, without further ado, here are the 5 best left handed putters we’ve discovered for you below.

Best Left handed Putters Compilation Chart

Product Features Where to Buy
Callaway Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putters

callaway left handed putters

Durable Get it Now
Bettinardi Golf 2018-2019 BB56 Putter

left handed golf putters

Well designed Get it Now
Cleveland Golf 2017 Huntington Beach Golf Putter

beach golf putters

Has one of the most noteworthy MOIs Get it Now
TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putters 2018

left handed golf putters

Has one of the highest MOIs Get it Now
Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

wison harmonised golf putters

Great design Get it Now

Callaway Odyssey

callaway left handed putters

This left-handed putter comes at the highest priority on our list as it contains the new Micro pivot face embed which gives it an incredible role. Being one of the best choices for the novices, it accompanies a wide range of head shapes for each kind of player.

Likewise, the two great color choices, red and dark, make it considerably increasingly appealing.

It is the refined rendition of the Superstroke 2.0 model with its Versa Alignment Technology. This makes it much increasingly amazing combined with the accessibility of two holding alternatives.

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Pros Cons
Durable None found
Best for beginners

Bettinardi Golf BB56 Putter

left handed golf putters

Next on our rundown is this left handed putter which is extraordinary for lefties. Created with Military-grade aluminum and tempered steel, this putter is perfectly structured with an exemplary dark shading tone guilefully negated with treated steel cleaning.

Made by the top originators of the USA, the putter has a 33 inches in length shaft with controlled weight and an ideal mix of the two metals.

You additionally get the chance to look over the two Standard and Premium gripping choices.

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Pros Cons
Great design Expensive

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Golf Putter

beach Best Left Handed Putters

Exceptionally lauded by its clients, this left-handed putter is cherished for its curved, delicate edges, and an imaginative handyman’s neck sharp edge. The nature of the material is exquisite and has a smooth vibe to it.

The putter has a 33-inch long shaft that arrives in an assortment of shapes and is regularly utilized in competitions.

The commendation commendable Cleveland configuration makes this bit of gear considerably progressively appealing. Standard and oversize grasping choices are accessible.

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Pros Cons
Has one of the most noteworthy MOIs None found

TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putters

left handed golf putters

This left handed putter is highly suggested for learners as it feels light as well as has a solid head too. The easy-to-understand club is popular for its SpiderArc geometry and accompanies a solid hold to hit the shot flawlessly.

Another fascinating component is that it has one of the most noteworthy MOIs, which helps in quick strikes and unrivaled rolls.

It additionally comprises a face-balanced mallet and a 360g head adding to the general advantage while hitting.

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Pros Cons
Has one of the highest MOIs None found
Comes with a strong grip

Wilson Harmonized Square Golf Putter

wison harmonised Best Left Handed Putters

Here comes our most gorgeous left handed putter of all occasions with a square heel/toe, adding to its magnificence and giving it the advantage of a fine hold.

Other than being one of the most popular sorts of putters of our range, it has numerous thickness microinjections in the clubface that make it strong and furthermore help you to effortlessly accomplish your ideal shot.

It is extremely simple to utilize, and the client can keep a decent order over the ball with its all-climate three-piece paddle grasp.

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Pros Cons
Easy to use Expensive
Well designed

Test Process

A lot of time and resources were put into researching the best golf left-handed golf putters in the market. Before making the final selection of the best left handed golf putters, about 15 different golf putters were considered. They were properly reviewed, screened and over 40 user reviews online (both positive and negative) were used as part of the ranking process. All of this result adds up to what makes this list of the best left handed golf putters you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blade putters better?

While most golf players generally start off with a blade putter in their bag, mallet putters have picked up prevalence with progressions in charge and security through the stroke. Players with a circular segment stroke tend to perform better with blades because of the weight appropriation between the heel and toe.

Are mallet putters better than blades?

While most golf players customarily start off with a blade putter in their bag, mallet putters have picked up prevalence with progressions in charge and soundness through the stroke. Players with a bending stroke tend to perform better with blades because of the weight dispersion between the heel and toe.

Are Heavy Putters better?

A putter that is too heavy is better than a putter that is excessively light. Too light a putter mainly harms steady distance control but on the other hand, is a factor in directional control. Too heavy a putter usually doesn’t influence directional control without a doubt yet it truly influences distance control.


If you’ve read this review, it implies you’re searching for the best left handed golf putters and we believe you must have found one or two among our list that interests you. The left-handed golf putters we’ve reviewed above are all durable, lightweight, and very well designed. Additionally, they come with the highest MOIs and are very easy to use. If you’re ready to buy, we suggest that you take as much time as you need to go through each product again, check for the prices, and also the features before you purchase.

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