How to Maintain Your Golf Clubs: Drivers, Putters and Irons

Maintaining your golf clubs is an important activity every golfer needs to know. This is on the grounds that purchasing new golf equipment can be somewhat expensive. That way, when you maintain your golf clubs, you automatically save lots of cash for yourself and you won’t have to spend lots of money buying new golf drivers, putters, or irons. With these few simple maintenance steps, we’ve highlighted below, you won’t only be able to keep your golf clubs clean, but it will also help to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Store Your Golf Clubs Properly

maintain your golf club

The best spot to store your golf clubs between utilizes or long haul is indoors, as in inside your home or condominium. Never store your golf clubs long-term in the capacity compartment of the vehicle, especially in hot areas. (High warmth can incapacitate the glues that hold the grip and club head set up.)

Do Not Keep Your Golf Clubs Wet

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No reason to stimulate rust! If you come in during a wet day on the course, just give your clubs a quick wipe-down before flinging them back in the storeroom or corner.

Own and Use a Golf Towel

maintain your golf clubs

“Golf towel” not any bit of material but a golf towel. the towel you add to your golf bag, or it can mean a towel mainly made for golfers with a reinforced eyehole and extreme wicking fibers: Attach one to your bag and use it during your round to wipe down the clubfaces and grips, especially when sogginess or debris hops on either. (Basically, guarantee you never hold up play while doing all things considered.)

Use Headcovers on Your Woods

maintain your golf clubs

Headcovers help verifies the more delicate and that is just a hint of something larger viably hurt heads on your driver and woods from hurt when you grab them out of the golf pack and drive them back in. Or then again during the knocking that occurs in a vehicle trunk or on the back of a golf truck. Spreads for your irons? Excessive. (The stars don’t use them.) For your putter? Not required, anyway never a misguided idea. Various putters are sold with headcovers.

Clean Clubheads Between and After Play

Give your golf clubs a cleaning someplace around each couple of rounds, trying to oust soil and debris from the scores and etchings on the clubheads. It’s essential and not monotonous, and just requires a sensitive bristled brush, some warm water (and suds) and a towel to wipe the clubs dry.

Don’t Forget to Clean Those Grips, Too

Keeping your grips clean – clearing earth, debris, and sweat, sunscreen stains, sweat – will help them with suffering longer. Additionally, the grips are the one bit of your golf clubs you will in all probability need to displace soon, so making them last longer is something to be grateful for.

Regularly Inspect the Grips for Wear and Tear

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While cleaning your grasps, make sure to scan for signs of wear. Look at the grips for sparkly areas, which show smoothness, notwithstanding worn locales or parts. Those are signs that it’s a perfect chance to consider new golf grips. Extraordinary handles are basic to incredible golf – you should have the alternative to grip the club, everything considered.

Re-getting a handle on is something you can destroy yourself case you’re a DIY sort of person. Regardless, re-holding at a specialist shop is less complex, and not super costly (depending on which new handles you pick).

Periodically Inspect the Shafts

How to Maintain Your Golf Clubs

Exactly when you’re cleaning down the shafts with a fragile, dry towel (since you try to do that each time you clean your clubs, right?) explore scratches, scratches or parts in the posts. If you see any of these, it might be an extraordinary chance to change the pole (shafts will last fundamentally in every case basically considering ordinary golf play, yet they can be hurt by getting hammered around


Obersevering these few maintenance tips to maintain your golf clubs will not only prolong its lifespan but will also prolong yours. So, endeavor to clean your equipment after every use before storing them.

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