Ping G Hybrid

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The Ping G hybrid is one of the more affordable hybrids on the market. Its unique design has been updated to provide greater forgiveness and ball speed.

One of the key elements that set the PING G apart from other hybrids is its unique hybrid-type head design. The PING G’s head features an exceptionally thin sole, which provides a higher degree of forgiveness than a traditional iron-type head design. It also has a traditional hybrid-type face.

The PING G’s shaft is one of the most forgiving shafts on the market, providing a wide sweet spot and a lower CG for longer, straighter shots.

The PING G is a great club for anyone looking for a great price point and great performance.

Ping G Hybrid Specifications

  • Lofts: 17, 19, 22, 26, 30
  • Shaft: Alta 70, high balance point (69-79g)
  • Category: Hybrids
  • Brand: Ping
  • Performance: 6/10
  • Quality: 7/10
  • Value: 6/10

Design of the Ping G Hybrid

Ping G Hybrid

From the G30 driver’s seat, the turbulators have made their way onto the G hybrid. They are designed to improve club aerodynamics in the driver and fairway woods, but that is not the reason they are installed in the rescue club.

By providing continuity throughout the woods, PING is responding to the requests of customers. There are performance benefits, however, as players are able to line up with their intended targets.

To help people find the sweet spot, the face of the bat is painted black where the white grooves are located.

At the address position, the Carpenter 455 steel face has a square profile, whereas the head is sleek. In terms of design, it is both understated and classy. Most people should find it appealing.

Ping G Hybrid: Experience

G hybrids have a “soft feel off the face.” You won’t get the same responsive feel as you would with an iron, but we will happily hit this all day long.

Performance of the Ping G Hybrid

ping g hybrid

There aren’t too many hybrids out there that are as forgiving as this one. The Ping G hybrid is easy to get into the air and offers a great deal of help from anywhere on the face, including the ground and the tee.

As with the G driver, this club has a thinned-out crown and face, which allowed designers to move the center of gravity lower and further back.

The club has a natural high launching angle, which makes it perfect for attacking greens. G Hybrids have a lower leading edge than fairway woods, making it very easy to get the ball off the deck.

Also, it excels in the distance stakes. When the cascading sole engages the face at impact, more face flexing is possible. On a frosty morning, we regularly threw the ball over 200 yards.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Lightweight Pricey
It’s simple to hit.
Nice feel
They are forgiving.




The G’s “turbulators” may not have helped raise our club speeds, but we agree that they cleverly direct attention towards the ball at address. Ping’s real strength is its consistency. With only 7 yards between middle and off-center hits (for Chris Ryan), it’s got to be said that the wide and long head is really stable and efficient. The new counter-weighted Alta shaft from Ping shot higher than average and spanned a little more, meaning the G would be particularly good for hitting accurate approaches into greens, as the descent is steeper and the spin was above average.

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