Interestingly, one of the best ways to improve your golfing skills is not just by practice buy first you have to know something before you attempt to practice it and this is where the best golf books come to light. The best golf books are not just meant to instruct you on how to play golf rather they contain serval lessons on how to improve your game and also stories of real-time golfers like tiger woods, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer and many more who share their stories on how they became successful in the game.

So, if you’re a golfer and love reading books, I’ll recommend you start getting each and every one of these books we’ve reviewed below starting from today.

Best Golf Books Compilation Chart

Name Features Where to Buy
Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons

best golf books

A must-have book for all golfers Get it on Amazon
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

best golf books

Can help improve your game Get it on Amazon
Greatest Game Ever Played

best golf books

Base on a true story Get it on Amazon
A Life Well Played

best golf books

Very insightful on the game Get it on Amazon
Missing Links

golf books

Very entertaining Get it on Amazon
The Big Miss

best golf books

Most popular read golf book Get it on Amazon
Bogey Man

Lots of insight shared Get it on Amazon
Harvey Penick’s Little Red

Wildly popular and hugely influential Get it on Amazon
The Short Game Bible

Helps to improve your golf swing Get it on Amazon
Mastering the Mental Game

Full of golfing insights Get it on Amazon
Every Shot Counts


golf books

helps to improve your putting skills Get it on Amazon

best golf books

Initially distributed in 1957, and re-discharged during the 1980s, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf is a basic expansion to any golf player’s bookshelf. The book’s age may imply that you can think that it is modest, yet it doesn’t imply that the exercises stuffed between the book’s cover are obsolete.

Regularly depicted as “timeless,” this simple book advises golf players precisely how to improve their game, regardless of their expertise level. Ben Hogan is perhaps the best golf player regularly, winning nine significant competitions, including the British Open, the Masters and the U.S. Open all in his 1953 “Triple Crown” season.

Besides greatness on the course, be that as it may, Hogan likewise accepted that any golf player can shoot beneath 80 and build up a reliable, significant level swing. In Five Lessons, Hogan shares the astuteness he has learned with bit by bit directions and delineations that will make you have an inclination that you’re getting a one-on-one lesson.

best golf books

Golf is certainly not a Game of Perfect can assist you with improving your golf match-up, however not by showing you the most ideal approach to swing a club. Composed by golf performance specialist Dr. Bounce Rotella, Golf is certainly not a Game of Perfect focuses on the psychological arrangements and control expected to prevail in golf.

Rotella has experience instructing the attitude of golf, counseling with players like Nick Price, John Daly and Tom Kite, who composed the book’s forward. In Golf is certifiably not a Game of Perfect, Dr. Rotella utilizes an easygoing tone and a lot of stories to show his recommendation on golf.

Among the points he covers are the reason it’s increasingly critical to be certain when getting ready for a putt than to be in fact sound, and why fun and center are both significant in the tee box. This book is incredible for any beginner golf player who needs to improve or any individual who ends up feeling too irate after a terrible shot.

best golf books

Writer Mark Frost might be most popular as co-maker and author of the clique TV classic Twin Peaks, however, he has additionally composed a few brilliant verifiable books about golf. The Greatest Game Ever Played: A True Story is a 2002 true to life book about the 1913 U.S Open at The Country Club in Brookline, MA and its members: Francis Ouimet, a Brookline local, and Harry Vardon.

The book tracks the two men through their lives from youth and inspects the social hindrances of golf at the time. What makes Frost’s book so incredible isn’t only the character investigation of these two men or the assessment of golf as a game in this period, however, it’s that the genuine story prompts an epic peak at the U.S. Open, which has become an original crossroads in golf history.

The Greatest Game Ever Played was likewise made into an extraordinary 2005 Disney film coordinated by Bill Paxton and featuring Shia LaBeouf.

best golf books

Arnold Palmer’s A Life Well Played: My Stories is an incredible journal from one of the most mainstream and achieved golf players in the twentieth century. Including a forward from Jack Nicklaus, the New York Times Best Seller is loaded up with stories and tales that will engage and advise pretty much everybody.

Stalwart golf players will appreciate finding out about the subtleties behind his four successes at the Masters. Arnie’s Army will adore finding out about his own life and youth, complete with photos. Easygoing golf players will get an understanding of the business side of The King and how he carried the PGA to the social noteworthiness it has today in America.

This golf Hall of Famer likewise composed counsel and exercises that golf players today can even now utilize. His exercises aren’t just about how to play on the course, yet how to act and keep up quality associations with others.

Missing Links

golf books

Most golf books are true to life accounts, histories, or instructional writings. In any case, celebrated sportswriter Rick Reilly, from Sports Illustrated and ESPN, made a fun and amusing novel totally based on golf. The story tracks a gathering of four male companions who love golf and live in rural Massachusetts.

Their standard fairway is pitiful and alongside truly outstanding, and generally elite, on the planet. Them four cause a wager to see who can play at the tip-top Mayflower Country Club first. As the challenge begins, so too does the kinship disentangle, in this well-looked novel. The book inspects fellowship and class contrasts in golf, yet with levity and giggling that any golf player will adore.

best golf books

While there are a ton of histories and journals by previous golf players, there is similarly the same number of my mentors and caddies. Be that as it may, in spite of the glut, The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods by Hank Haney has reliably been truly outstanding and generally well known.

Haney expounds on his experience as Tiger Woods’ mentor from 2004 through 2010 when Woods won six majors and 33% of the competitions he entered. This book is one of a kind because of the entrance that Haney had with one of the most popular competitors on the planet, remaining at Woods’ home and conversing with him most days.

The book narratives Haney’s work on Woods’ swing and how the two cooperated just as broad bits of knowledge into Tiger as an individual instead of a golf player and the complexities that accompany that ability and notoriety.

best golf books

Journalist and writer George Plimpton turned out to be notable in sports writing hovers for endeavoring to contend in proficient games and afterward expounding on the experience. In Paper Tiger, Plimpton is the backup quarterback to the Detroit Lions in the preseason. In Out of My League, he contributes a Major League show game.

He additionally played Hockey and competed with acclaimed fighters. In Bogey Man, Plimpton put his focus on golf, attempting to play on the PGA visit during the 1960s, with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Intruder Man depicts Plimpton’s experience on the PGA visit for one month and portrays his endeavor to contend.

In any case, what makes this book a great is the mind and knowledge he shares on the game, the caddies, golf counsel, visit superstitions, and popular golf players. It’s a fun and unrivaled read.

best golf books

Fiercely popular and enormously powerful, the New York Times compared Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lesson and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf to the Elements of Style for golf players. The Little Red Book contains the entirety of the insight that its writer, Penick, ingested over his life.

Beginning as a caddie when he was eight years of age, Penick worked with an assortment of incredible golf players. The Red Book is the note pad he kept loaded up with the exercises he learned after some time. The book utilizes a basic tone and clarifies complex golf exercises without confounding golf jargon.

Golf players of all ages or time can utilize the essential exercises from this book to improve their swing and the manner in which they approach the game. It has become a period of content and a game of genuine golf great.

The Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

best golf books

I have made various references to this book in my articles just in light of the fact that I accept my game changed everlastingly when I was done reading it.

I think about this advance reading for golf players, so it may be a bit of overpowering for some of you.

On the off chance that you can leave away understanding the significance of the game inside 100 yards than you have won a large portion of the fight. This one of the golf books that can give you a genuine arrangement, and keep you from venturing up to a shot without certainty.

Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent

Here is more nourishment for your brain. Brain research is similarly as critical to a golf player than the nature of their swing on the golf course.

Read this book, and acknowledge all that he has composed. The best golf players are all Zen Golfers, regardless of whether they know it or not.

Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

golf books

Imprint Broadie has made a major sprinkle in the hitting the fairway world with his progressive strokes picked up measurement.

It has changed how we measure a player’s presentation on the PGA visit, and his information needs to prompt some disclosure on how beginners can improve their games.

While this book is chiefly information-driven, I figure it can open your eyes upon a couple of parts of the game. While I don’t concur with all that he wrote in this book, I accept his segment on putting makes it worth the read.


So, that’s it, the best golf books to help improve your game. Although there’re other golf books and materials you can study, however, these books were carefully selected for golfers who prefer reading rather than watching golf instructional DVDs, golf movies, or youtube channels.

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